HighTimes: Stoner of the Year - 2015 Cannabis Cup - Denver, Colorado

9 months ago

HighTimes: Stoner of the Year

2015 Cannabis Cup
Denver, Colorado

What's up Smokers? How are you doing this week? It's almost Friday... hang in there! Today I'd like to take a flashback to June of 2015. I attended the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado while I was in town for The Disco Biscuits. It was an epic day loaded with THC and terpenes.

I began the day at the Cannabis Cup, then went to see a Rockies game (ridiculously stoned), and topped it all off with a Billy & the Kids show at the Ogden Theater....

Here is a photo of me in front of a board that says 'Stoner of the Year'...

The Cannabis industry in the United States has continued to boom since 2015. Each year it seems more and more states are opening up to recreational #cannabis consumption laws. It's only a matter of time until the world is free to use #THC :)

Smoke Up!

and have a great day!

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Look at you mr hightime.

I bet this was an epic time no doubt.

Maybe soon we will see smoke here 😁


It would be an epic place for Smoke to do some marketing!

Wow! What is the event like? And yes we hope to see THC available everywhere in the world.


it was a stoners paradise.... cannabis was available in every form possible and most vendors were giving out free samples. Definitely a crazy experience!

Haha! I was gonna say wait a minute I think I might know that dude!
But I am also high AF! 🔥

What was it like attending the cannabis cup event?


It was an epic experience to say the least. There were maybe a hundred different booths set up with different cannabis vendors, from seed dealers, to glass makers. Free samples and tokes all over the place. All the types of edibles you can imagine. Plants on display at various stages of growth. It's a stoners paradise for sure!