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Hello everyone,

I've been a follower of smoke.io for some time but haven't gotten around to using it much.

To be honest... I've been working hard towards a bachelor's degree and I still find myself unsure about what I want to do in life. Writing was my forte throughout college and my major required a lot of critical analysis and research, but being creative is something I live for. Most of my life I felt like I couldn't make a living out of creating, so I pursued an education in STEM in hopes of having a secure, well-paying job right after graduation. I did not do so well in those first few classes, and eventually dropped out of the STEM program entirely. I found myself more engaged in my American Studies classes and learned right away that it was the program I was meant to be in. It challenged my beliefs and understanding of many aspects about culture, society, and people in general. It also taught me how to effectively research and think critically about an issue or subject.

That said, I had the idea of starting a podcast a while back. Naturally, it would be based on the topic of things that interest me. Perhaps music, since I'm a self taught musician and aspiring producer. But there's a plethora of music podcasts. I enjoy cooking food and the culinary arts fascinate me, however, I feel that I lack expertise in that area. Because of my passion for creativity, I love art, whether it be drawn/painted, digital, cinematic, glass, poetry, photography,... you name it! But how do I incorporate all that into a series that people are willing to actively listen to?

Then, it hit me like a bong toke!

Cannabis! A universal plant that brings people together and inspires creativity.

Amazing people all over the world use cannabis! But there is still a heavy stigma surrounding it, which is fostered through years of propaganda and myths.

However, as legalization sweeps the United States, it becomes more necessary to have objective and accurate information regarding cannabis. This is the aim of the podcast.

Interviews will primarily be focused on how cannabis influences an individual's or collective's life and/or work. This is meant to bust the myth that cannabis makes people lazy and unproductive, as well as gain some insight on how many interesting, intelligent people use or are inspired by cannabis.

I will also have a "Current Events/News" segment which will include any cannabis-related news such as a new study, legalization, etc., as well as interesting facts and stories. Having the information consolidated into a short segment on a regular basis can help spread awareness and dispel any falsehoods regarding cannabis.

These are just a few of the ideas I have been sitting on. I'd love to hear any feedback or tips from anybody!

I am currently working on the theme song! I figured I would try to make the artwork myself too but if anybody has anything they'd like to share, I am all for it! I also need to find/secure interviews from different people (preferably in the area in and surrounding Los Angeles, CA). Anyone whose craft has been influenced or inspired by cannabis is welcome to come speak their mind.

I will post updates here regularly for those who are interested or want to support!


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Cool, keep us updated with your podcast episodes 👍