Nature Trippin´.... With A Chocolate Skunk J !

11 months ago


Hola Stoners!

Today, I have gone green and 100% nature..... Instead of taking a siesta after lunch, I decided I´d go for a walk in the nearby park.. The park I am telling here used to be farmland owned by the city of Vienna. And even now, part of it are still fields and being cultivated with wheat and other crops. The area is actually a place to walk the dogs since it is within the vicinity of private houses and huge apartment complex. Well, the city admins are doing their best to give dog owners the green zones for their beloved pets. Every dog owners are beig taxed yearly depending on the number of dogs each household has.

nature 1.jpg

A Choice Between Biking & Walking

I was meaning to do biking today, instead I opted for a walk ´cause I know it would do me good when all the arms and legs are moving. Armed with a Choco Skunk J and a lighter, I marched along the narrow farmer´s road that is surely 1.5 kilometers away from my place. .. it was a very nice day since the temp of 23°C at mid day is perfect for the walk.

The silhouette of the tall buildings is located in the 22nd District of Vienna.
One of the buildings is the UN Headquarters.


nature 8.jpg

Before going back home, I paused for a while under the walnut tree in the above image and examined the wildflowers picked along the way...I knew then it was time to puff, so I took out the J and my lighter.... aaaaahhhh!!! first toke was good, and surprisingly, I didn´t cough. There was nobody around, took my time to slowly enjoy the smoke.


Chocolate Skunk

This strain came from my stash... I germinated it myself and harvested beginning of August. It´s a sativa that had a strong pungent smell with an aroma that was somehow very stimulating. I was a bit tired from the walk, the first toke had been good, I felt it was uplifting a couple of minutes after. There came a strong wind and I had to light the J two or three times before I could take the 2nd toke. It was only after the 3rd toke that I started moving towards going back home.


nature 3.jpg

After the 3rd toke, I put off the smoke and save it for the next walk. Along the way, I felt somehow energetic that I even walked faster and reached home safely without any problem.

nature 9.jpg


At Home

Wow!!! At home, I felt an elan and had been inspired by the wildflowers I picked, I arranged them in a vase. I think the effect of the strain on me was that I was still very focused on making the flower arrangement as nicely as I can, I had been creative.... and as you can see, I think I made the most wonderful wildflower arrangement of the day. After an hour, I felt I had to munch something although lunch was just served before I went out... I was not sleepy I just took a rest from the walk. The effect lasted about two and a half hours and after the rest, I was on my feet again doing household chores...

nature 5.jpg

Thanks for stopping-by and taking the time to read my adventure with the Choco Skunk.


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It's nice to go nature trippin once in a while with that breathtaking scenery, and also do good to experience the elements of air and earth when taking a walk along with these greens there's some kind of leavening that you feel inside you – a sort of rising that warmly envelopes you from within, that happens really when you spend time with nature.

Armed with a Choco Skunk J and a lighter

good job soldier! lololollll...

Smoke on!


Indeed the trippin' with nature is doing good to our has a great impact on our mind and body.. and soul.

What a way to enjoy freedom. Freedom to smoke and freedom with mother nature without the suffocating smoke of City life. It's a healthy combination of both worlds!


Indeed, You made a very good point! Glad they are relaxed here and at least the stuff helps me in lessening the pain on heel spurs and the back pain as well. Thanks.

oohh laaa laaa.. so good in the feeling to have moment with nature.. so peaceful.. so relaxing.. plus the view .. so awesome, with puffin and flower pickin ... super nakakaaliw.. ang sarap lang ng ganyang mga emote sa buhay po. those flowers can already be used for designs like in a wedding.. they are sooo lovely..
thanks for sharing this experience to us po 👌💚💚💚


Indeed, arelaxing feeling... oh by the way...the more prettier flowers are gone since Fall is just around the corner.. But, I have the flowers of my girls and those are wonderful atm. Salamuch @ xephalexia forbeing here..

On my God! How to be you? You wake me up from my sleep,, 3:34 am. because of the notification tone from phone, then when I open it, it's you puffing! My eyes open wider, the aroma of your J came around my bed. I imagine it. As if I am dreaming about it. And the flowers, why you cover it to your face? Wahahaha. I want to see you how you look when you are high wahahaha.
Are you picking the flowers along the way? Ngawat ka ug bulak jejejeje.
Anyway, Have a nice healthy day my dear!


Hahaha.. I almost fell down from bed laughing at your comments.. Sorry that you woke-up. Just imagine you are puffing with me. No, I didn't steal the flowers...these are wildflowers picked along the way. Go back to bed and good mornight! Lololol!


I can't sleep anymore, I have a fresh imagination puffing with you. I am really craving for it. How I hate Mary Jane before is how much I love it now. I could imagine how the smoke push you walk quickly jejejeje


that will only prove that you have superpowers over @lawlai, imagine that she gets stoned by just your notification...HAHAHA!!!


Hahaha....! Superpower is good! Lololol!


So bad you autumn, you want to stone me with rocks notification. Wahahaha, you are so funny @dragonxOx