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3 months ago

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Back In Town

Due to unforseen circumstances, we cut short our stay in Andalucia by five weeks and days before departure I had to give away the strains I was growing and experimenting to Diego at the Grow Shop. It has been 26 days since my last post.... I wasn´t really absent since I was also curating here in my spare time.

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Lots of stress....

The past three weeks have been stressy as important things were coming all at the same time. Hubbz had been in the hospital for a week, he´s ok now. And then, we are moving to another place so I have started to organize packing of things in the house. I am glad to be back here and got so excited as to how the curing of all strains from the last harvest.


The more pungent, the better.....

I could say that the long curing did good to the strains. The aroma of Amnesia Platinum is simply wonderful as well as the smell of the Green Poison, tho pungent after the harvest has an intense floral and fruity aromatic flavor . I tried it, rolled a J and it met my expectations, delivers complete relaxation, euphoric and numbness to the body as what an indica dominated strain is known for. Glad to have grown this strain.

Reunion 4.jpg

That´s it for now... I´ll be back again for another post on a new Canna dispensary I just discovered right in the middle of a Mall.

Until then.... Keep puffin´ for a high!


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They look yummy looking forward to your reviews on them


Yes, I´ll do that dear! One by one, I have 5 strains in this lot.

Welcome back @indaymers and so happy for you. You have your own organic medicine and how I wish I could have it too.
Can't wait to see your new reviews.


Yeah, I´ll surely do those reviews... thanks for visiting @lawlai...

I'm late on this post I can't post a comment the past few days, I'm always looking forward to your reviews and wishing that everything is going fine over there.


I hope your connection is fine now. Glad you visited. TY!