Down By The Creek With My Bike And A Northern Light J

last year

Hola Smokers!

We had a fine weather the other day that I decided to go cycling in the nearby farmland not so far from where we live. A very nice place to bike or do other sports such as horseback riding, nordic walking, swimming in a man-made lake and many more.

smoke 5.jpg

The Northern Light Strain

Lunch was done and with a bit of siesta and coffee afterwards it was just the perfect time to go make some sports. I brought along a Northern Light joint for the break at the creek. This is a hidden area with steps towards the water. The strain I packed came from the previous harvest coming from the automatic feminized seeds I have sown and harvested in the beginning of Aug. The Choco Skunk and Northern Light were finally cured and was ready for a smoke.

smoke 8.jpg

On the left, Northen Light strain from harvest

The Route

And so this is where the locals go for their activities outdoor ... it has almost a never ending possibilities to do your favorite sports. The paths were nicely taken care-of by the farmers.

smoke 1b.jpg

smoke 7.jpg

By The Canal ( Marchfeld Kanal)

Nobody gets to swim in the creek since the waster isn´t clean. In those days when the farmers needed water, they constructed a canal at some point coming from the Danube River so water would flow into the farmland for irrigation. They called this creek the Marchfeld Kanal which is ending back to the Danube River after some kilometers. Parallel to this creek is a 7 Km biking route.

smoke 1a.jpg

And this is where you can nicely puff a joint without being bothered by anyone and besides, it was a working day and after lunch as such.... so there was no one in sight except myself.

smoke 4.jpg

I rested and for a while, made 3 tokes after which I began to head for home. The strain isn´t that bad, I had to cough once , but then it was smooth in the 2nd and 3rd toke. I prepared to head for home before the effect of the J hit me.

smoke 2.jpg


On my path not so far from where I rested were wild salvias , I picked some, put them in the bag and headed for home.


Back home, I made the most beautiful wildflower arrangement of the day. It was time to rest after a hot and humid day. Later in the evening, I finished half of the joint and fell asleep. It had been a nice cycling day.


Thank you for reading.... just keep on puffin´ for a high!


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oh wow, I saw that smoke in the shade of lilac and was thinking of the real northern lights at Iceland, lol!
and that blooms on your bike is so lovely, the whole atmosphere is so breathtakingly amazing.
keep on sharing your highness, haha...


Hahaha.. you make me laugh everytime! Hell yeah , I didn´t notice the color of the smoke, it also reflects the colors of the flowers... well, to tell you frankly, I only had the courage to go down in the stairs just for the photoshoot. Had someone passed-by and asked me what am I doing there, I would offer him/her a toke! LOL!

So relaxing and the place remind me how to be with you smoking and when I will be getting high I will jump into the man made river. I love every thing from your shoes, your bike, your flowers, the place and keep the most when your smoke is going down up to your eyes. Fantastic @indaymers. Your daring smile is so lovely. You look younger everytime you smoke. HOW TO BE YOU?


Wahahaha... there you go again @lawlai.... thank you for your comforting words.. I promise when you visit me here, we will puff like fools. I´d teach you how to plant your first clone...


Yehey! I plan going to Spain from KSA. I won't go Philippines next vacation instead I will go Spain to see Nadal and your girls.


But the girls are in Austria, of course you can go to Spain but you´ll only see Nadal. You have to come to Austria to see my girls.... But, by the time you come here, I have planted already new ones.... Cheers !

Love Northern Lights! This looks like such a nice day! Thanks for sharing 😊


Indeed, a nice day tho so humid, thanks for dropping -by...Thanks and am glad to meet you!

what a perfect get away puffing. no one will really disturb you. nice outfit of your day plus the wild flowers you picked. everything goes with your flow @indaymers


Salamat.... yeah I hope that everything really goes with my flow. I haven´t seen you here for a while... but now you´re back so keep on engaging here on smoke. Thanks and cheers!

What an excellent trail blazing adventure 😍


How are you?


Doing alright, busy with my upcoming move... how about you?


Hello @dook13...nice of you to drop by... it was indeed a wonderful blazing experience. THANK YOU.


Your most definitely welcome 🙏

Grow Strong and Blaze On!