Desperately Seeking Hemp Chocolate Bars

9 months ago

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Hey Guys!

How are you doing today? After an afternoon swimming at the nearby Community pool, I was craving for a chocolate....not just the kind of chocolates but those made of hemps. I always buy them in the Perfect World shop, so I visited this local dispensary only to find out they didn´t have it.


I was kind of happy and was looking forward to enjoy it after a tiring swimming activities. My mood changed when I entered the shop... straight went to the rack where they used to place them for display but it was empty....the owner said they didn´t sell any for July and August because it was very hot in these 2 months and the chocolates were melting in the rack.


Just for info.. the kind of hemp chocolate bars I am talking here does not contain THC that would make you high, one delish ingredient of this choco bar is the roasted cannabis seeds which make this chocolate unique in taste, reminding me of Nestlés Crunchy Bar.

damo 3.jpg

damo 2.jpg

Because I was frustrated not having the chocolate bars, I decided to get half dozen hemp lillipops. I´ve had them before, tasted pungent and you can really taste the cannabis in them... They just have the CBD part tho, no THC whatsoever... as it is still illegal to sell them in this country.


And today, I went to another grow shop called Grow Room 21, also a dispensary to try my luck, unfortunately ditto no hemp choco bars... I had to give up and wait til October when the temps are colder....

In the meantime......... Keep puffin´ for a high!


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How awesome is Hemp? Can make houses, clothes, chocolate 🍫 😆 Talk about versatility!


Indeed..the plant is so versatile ! Thanks for popping-by.

ayayay! i'll surely love that , coz chocolates are my fave , actually all choco flavored food hahaha. i am just glad you got lollies s replacement to at least satisfy your cravings.. ooh laa laa.. you are really one lucky human to have those things available in your area and had it experienced. i know for sure you can also make a choco cake with that, or maybe choco cupcakes. hehe. i know you know that your posts makes me more curious and have me wanting to meet real cannabis one day.
keep rockin' and puffin in here 👌💚💚💚

What? Chocolate with hemp! That is something new I learn from you. I don't like chocolate but now I am craving eating this kind. Legalization is a must so we can have it fast @indaymers
You are just frustrated for an hour but people like us perhaps will be frustrated in a lifetime if government will not change the law.


You will love it for sure even if you are not for chocolate.. cheers!


Yes, it feels so interesting

there are no roasted cannabis seeds for choco bars in the Philippines but there's one thing in store the MAGNOLIA PINIPIG CRUNCH, haha I always stored 2 dozens of these for a week because niece and nephews seems so addicted on it.
smoke on!


Yeah..Magnolia pinipig is one fave of mine.It is similar to Nestle's crunchy. In this hemp choco, the seeds are so good that you'll munch the whole bar right away. Thanks and cheers!

I do love to taste that chocolate @indaymers. Looking forward that it's available in the Philippines for my son to have a bite of it. Am sure he will love it too.


My heart goes to your son..... I hope he gets all the things he needs! Thanks for dropping-by. God bless you and your son.

Oh, I can feel the frustration here for not having the thing you've been wanting the whole day. Well at least you have those lollipops, Tita Mers. Here in our country, we do not have anything like that. That's more frustrating, right? Haha


Hahaha..nakaka frustrate di ba? Might as well buy more, freeze them so it lasts longer.. munch them slow andenjoy the goodness! Ty!

wow...first time to know that kind of chocolate...


As I said is similar to Nestle's crunchy bar... go have a look and the taste is similar..thanks !

hmm that's yumminess for sure, the nice feature of hemp really amazing...

Looks amazing, great post and thanks for sharing cheers


Many thanks.... cheers to us!

it sounds good but to be honest to find cannabis lollipops on the streets looks just as good so when am I moving in? hope you got my room set up

That chocolate looks DELICIOUS!! And with HEMP! Oh Mylanta! I wonder if there is a website where they sell something similar?