Cannabis Store Vienna.... Recently Opened To Public

3 months ago


New Cannabis Shop

While doing an errand at the Internal Revenues Office, I discovered a new Cannabis shop right in the middle of Donauzentrum, a huge Mall frequented by approximatley a hundred thousand shoppers daily. It´s a high end shop and only two months old. Like other dispensaries in the city, they are legit but only allowed to sell any CBD products and nugs with max of 0.03% THC.

Cannabis is still Illegal in the country

As I have always said in my post the past months, the city officials prohibits the sale of Cannabis that are high in THC. But they are relaxed in allowing the public to plant their own at home. The motto of the officials is... do not let the plants produce flowers!.... But who is following this ordinance? People can at least get newbies or clones for as many as he wants. The city officials knew that the cannabis means big business and could bring taxes to the government. And with this relaxed atmosphere on legalities of the CBDs, more shops are popping up one after another in many districts of the city.

Austria Is The Clone Superstore of Europe

If you visit Vienna, you may want to go to Hanf and Hanf ... they sell clones of all the strains they grow in their farm. If you want to know more, you can read my post on this topic here.

Chocolate Made From Amsterdam

Just to try one of the chocolates they sell, I bought one. It say Original Amsterdam my opinion the price for an 80g hemp chocolate is very expensive, tasted it and it is not to be compared to the ones I buy that is made locally. I paid 4.99 Euros/ 5.40 USD for a chocolate with less hemp seeds whereas the local one costs only 1.99 Euros/2.15 USD and tasted super crispy!



High Prices On Products

Most of their products are imported.They have all kinds of paraphernalia, cookies, chocolates, CBD oil and the like as well as other smoke tools, pipes, bongs and grinders. Of course they have to tag higher prices on the products they sell since the space rental in this Mall is very high.




If I were to buy more wraps or other smoke paraphernalia, I would go to a local TABAK store, these are small shops in every district in Vienna catering to the needs of normal smokers (cigarettes). For instance, I got this Zorr Grinder below for 16.95 Euros/18.33 USD at high end shops like this, it would cost at least 30 Euros. A pack of RAW paper that cost 1 Euro at Tabak shop costs in this shop 2 Euros...The price is double so to speak.



So this is the new shop I have just discovered..... I am still inclined to go to old shops I know and buy from there. If you happen to visit my city, do visit some Grow shops just for your interest. You can also buy seeds from them directly.

Thanks for visiting and have a good day!

Keep puffin´ for a high!


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You are too lucky that every thing is legal. Its easy for you anytime you want it. Nice post and thank you for sharing the very interesting post @indaymers


It´s still not fully legalized yet , but the city admins are relaxed on these shops... particularly the grow shops. They can even sell the seeds without any problem. I hope that it will be fully legalized now since Luxembourg has already done so. Thankls for visiting.

Das ist so schön in dieser Stadt. Alles scheint legal zu sein und die Behörden sind so lässig gegenüber den Menschen. Ich wünschte, mein Platz würde das Gleiche tun, das Menschen nicht wie Kriminelle behandelt, wenn sie beim Puffen erwischt werden.


Ich bin froh, dass der Staat den Anbau von Cannabis toleriert hat ... Wie ich bereits sagte, ist es fast legal hier privat anzubauen, lass es einfach nicht blühen ... lass dich nicht in der Öffentlichkeit erwischen, und wenn du doch von der Polizei erwischt wird, werden sie Dir zu einem Drogenseminar schicken damit Du die gefahren von Drogen erkennst.