Amnesia Platinum - The Aftermath Of A Hard Work

5 months ago


Afternoon gardening...

It has been a hard job cutting the trunks of the Tamarisk tree in the garden.. I did some packing of household items in the morning for the new apartment, but we are not done yet. After more than 25 years, this tree has grown very tall... We were supposed to trim it every 2 years, but I would say it was a bit neglected as far as height is concerned. It has almost reached the terrace floor on top of the house which is about 12 meters high.


The Tamarisk job...

And so, we took the long ladder from the cellar, yes exactly the one that hit my eye last Fall. We had to extend it very long because the Tamarisk trunk we were cutting had been as thick as my arm. so we need a long saw. It was difficult to do the cutting when you are standing from below the ladder and the one your cutting is higher than you, all the saw dust falling onto your face and head. Hubby was able to cut til more than half of the trunk and I did the rest. Then, we cut the small branches to fit into the plastic litter bags and dispose the long and heavy trunk to the green waste area of the row houses.

the resinous trichomes of Amnesia Platinum

At the end of the garden work, I had back aches and my arm was like having an over-fatigue. So I needed some relaxation after a hard afternoon. I surely would need a I brought out my weed box, got Amnesia Platinum and rolled one using the roll machine.


Own stash...Amnesia Platinum from the last Grow

The nicest thing about growing your own weeds is that, you have the stash and anytime you want to puff, you have the nugs all the time at anytime you want it and you are sure that what you´re smoking is not a piece of shit with all those chemicals sprayed on them.

Amnesia Platinum came from the Grow Store Hanf and Hanf and they sell only quality clones and seeds.... This strain is mostly sativa and has about 22% THC.




Roll baby roll.....

For me the best tool for rolling is to use a rolling machine... it makes the joint compressed and it burns very long. I used to roll it old school, but then it is always taking so long before I could finish rolling one and besides, I was tired from the garden work.




So let´s enjoy the puff and the cider...!

With a bottle of cold apple/pear cider, I enjoyed the puff in the garden. There were no neighbours around, so the more I enjoyed the puffs. I was relaxed 20 minutes after the smoke and I just rested in the couch and hope my back aches were gone. Soon I slept for a while, I think a bout half hour, until Lily, our chubby chihuahua princes scratched my hanging over-fatigued arm and I woke up from that. I remember I had to feed her....and then I felt hungry too and needed to munch something. Hubby did not smoke the joint , but he was tired and slept too until dinner came.


Take precautions and stay safe and healthy!

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg A.gif
GIF by @gremayo

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when i got high,
i felt pretty fly.
when i got stoned,
i felt big-boned.
when i came down,
i wore a frown.
but i fixed this wrong
with a hit from my bong.

Such beautiful cannabis😍....I just wish I can have one of those

Perfect! Job well done @indaymers . How I wish to plant , to taste and to smoke and high. It remains a day dream in my side. Thank you for sharing your good harvest dear.


Do not worry, who knows that puffing together might take place when everything is legalized.

Indeed, you need one after a hard day's work. My, you've got more than enough for this season dear and yes, you're pretty sure they're organic MJs. More puffs to you!


Yeah, enough for the season.... thanks