Amnesia Platinum...Its Effects

7 months ago


This strain came from a clone that I got from the Grow Shop Hanf & Hanf last year. It was so far the best clone I´ve ever had, had been very healthy and no problem (except for a green worm) whatsoever in growing. This strain had a good yield that could last for a while, since I do not smoke that often.

trimming amnesia platinunm.jpeg
The trimmed Amnesia Platinum from one plant.


From the date of harvest in October and after its drying.. the curing started. I chose glasses that are air tight. Since we were travelling in the beginning of the curing stage which I set for 2 weeks, I asked a friend to take care of them while I was away. Had been excited when I came home after about three month-absence. By opening the lid alone, that sweet pungent aroma was so intense and is so spicy in flavor.


Although fully dried already, it retained its green color.. the aroma is sweet which is exceptional. One thing I noticed was the large amount of resin crystals that is present in all of the buds.




I used Raw Kingsze paper and rolled two Js from the Zigzag joint rolling machine. I forgot to put a ready made raw tip in the 2nd joint, lol!


I have been too busy the last weeks since I started packing things around the house. I have packed around 45 Banana boxes mostly small household things that we won´t be using for the next two months before we finally move-in to the new apartment. Btw, I chose the banana cartons because they are so robust and easy to handle. I have so many books to pack and the boxes are so practical.


Rolling two Js , one consumed, the other a reserve....

Each day I think I finished around 6 boxes and yesterday it had been 10, so I felt back pains. I guess feeling body sores is one of the pitfalls of getting old, LOL! So.... what to do?! Time to roll a J early evening to relax. After dinner I took out the Amnesia Platinum from my stash and rolled two Js. The best tool I used to roll a J is the one from a less known brand called Zig Zag Joint Rolling machine. It´s long enough I could roll a thin joint since I am the only one having the sesh. So with a bottle of an apple cider, I puffed my joint until I felt dizzy and began to relax.


Effects of this strain

After two puffs , there was already a numbness feeling on my mouth. This mostly sativa (70%) with indica (30%) characteristic has 17-20% THC. For me, that is good enough to put me to slumber and take at least two hour sleep. I didn´t sleep tho, I simply felt relaxed and euphoric that I even felt like doing something else because I felt energetic and uplifted. The pain or back sore slowly disappeared after about an hour.... I ended up not doing anything and prepared myself to watch a movie. In comparison, this is strain is milder than the Amnesia Haze. It is also one favorite strain in Amsterdam coffee shops. Breeders often have different hybrids of this strain, while Bulk Seed Bank produced the feminized variety from the genetics: Skunk x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer.

All in all, this strain is for relaxation and it helped me in overcoming my fatigue because of a stressy day ... and if you don´t overpuff, this is a strain I would recommend for a lazy afternoon or evening......

....til next time Smokers, keep puffin' for a high!

All images are my own

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WOW! Indeed, you've saved more than enough for the rainy day @indaymers! I still have lots to learn from those breeds. It seems that sativa is the most common mj here only. I wish that little jar could be delivered right at my doorstep! Lol!


Lol, if you won't be caught, I could send it to you right at this very moment.


hhmm, a seed will do dear..:) something hard to keep the ball rolling! lol

Wow! I envy your puffin...relate the body soreness when packing things, it's good the it vanished with the aid of Amnesia...


Indeed, it was a relief! For seniors like us, it is necessary...hahaha, but glad that my knees are not that weak and the spur heels are ok atm.

so so beautiful I wish I could climb through the computer to have a toke or two with ya.


Yeah, thanks... it would have been my pleasure to toke with you!

enjoyed your post ,thanks [ great looking J,s ]


Thank you for visiting..glad you like my post.

Keep it up @indaymers it's nice to know that you're feeling okey with just puffing that sweet strain.

· always helps for such pains. Thanks for being here.

How I wish to have what you have @indaymers. #legalization is the key for the pain I have now im growing older.
How to be you dear?


@lawlai...your pain is from overworking the last weeks... if you use that concoction of laurel and olive oil, I am sure it will help a bit.. I just hope you brought Salonpas when you visited your folks...hehehe

Nice strain review I never heard of that strain looks grown very good


Thank you.

Are you sure you tried it and didn't get amnesia? Just kidding, haha. Great review 😊💚👌


Hahaha... I often times do not get stoned when I do a sesh alone since I roll a thin J. I still have a stash of Amnesia Haze that I got in Amsterdam... this strain is a bomb and will blow your mind and you will really get so stoned that you do not know where you are and what is happening around you.. As I said, Amnesia Platinum compared to the Amnesia Haze is milder.