Sit and post on smoke after months

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12 days ago

Hey smokemates just wanted to visit and see if I can have fun and laugh it up on the smoke users spaces.

I know I havent posted in a while but I need to git smoke for my smoke space.


No I havent prepared a comic drawing process cartoon or art that you remember probably this is just to post some things I think should be brought to light

And first of posting here should only be original work, yes only stuff that you invest about over an hours worth to probably most post I see here that are valueble.

so fuk sorry about the cinema material above, had to upload to bait some of ya but I think we cool if not at least I think its funny.

So I liked posting here before I did it for fun if you liked my stuff sorry Im still occupied but might do more just looking like rust instead of green 😥.

Besides if smoke tanks it will serve as a lesson so if you agree or disagree I have always been receptive to others comments so leave a comment below havent seen much and sorry for not upvoting if you like create your post so I can upvotes some smoke.

also if you liked my stuff 😳
im probably going to create some craptospice junk soon since my original plan got postponed.

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Welcome, come to us after many days. We want you to be with us all the time.

Happy to join you all again

Welcome back

what I am doing is writing posts here then bring them over to my site work in progress. I also share smoke posts to facebook and youtube. There aren't enough views happening here
what would be great if we could build a culture of coordinated sharing. There is great grass root potential here anybody who is posting here should take it on themselves to build networks outside of this platform to promote each other via shareing posts with those networks. the value here is the contributors, . smoke tokens dont seem to be real, so probably that needs to be looked at. not a good selling point. what you have here is some talented folks who are not getting views or paid. how many smokes to buy a cigarette. more like sm(j)oke? how do we fix this? lets not miss the forest for the trees. share high quality content of the authors here with weed related social groups off of here. i would encourage you to share smoke posts regularly.


We need forms of attraction to get more interaction even if its just a usual nugshot for most but having a dapp with sharing post would help alot in even that form.
Hopefully thats possible like a expanding or scaling of other exchanges or stuff that brings more dapps something like that would excite users.