Witness Update: 4 - Issues and a busy schedule. :/

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8 months ago

Update: 4

I had a much larger amount of "downtime" than I expected, but I've gotten that resolved now.

A MASSIVE "Thank you!" goes out to @jrswab most of all, for his direct help in getting things back up and running, but I would also like to extend that thanks to @graylan as well as @bbq-iguana.

The first issue I had was a permissions issue and @jrswab worked with me to resolve that one.
All was fine it seemed, my witness was supposedly running fine (from what I could see) so I went back about my business studying for and getting prepared to take (Over the past/next week) my exams for the 5 college classes I'm taking currently.

I believed I had worked with him and gotten my witness back up and running within a day of being down...
This was not the case, fully...


@HowHigh Witness

As you can all tell, I had some unexpected downtime as well as some "downtime" due to not realizing my witness wasn't reconfigured fully.

Things are set up properly now though and I will be sure to make sure that whatever I've done has actually solved my issues instead of assuming that because it appears as if I've solved them, that they are indeed solved.

Uptime has taken a pretty decent hit, but that will recover with time.
It's probably a bit higher, but this is a rough estimate of total uptime.

Uptime: 93%~

An explanation

Ultimately, my witness has not been "down" for the past "4 days" as was stated on the witnesses page.
I had forgotten to broadcast an update that I was producing blocks again.

I was on discord and D.O. trying to figure out the issues, so I hadn't seen @jrswab's latest post about these issues, so I was directed to the first step (delete the blockchain files) that helped resolve my issues by @graylan.

This issue of not broadcasting was most clearly pointed out to me by @bbq-iguana in the witness discord and reaffirmed when I spoke with @jrswab.

All of their help and willingness to assist me was really what helped me to figure this out.
My next step was to check the blockchain explorer, but I may not have realized that my key was not updated so that I could produce, it's anyone's guess.

What this is, is a learning experience.
Now I've built a bit more knowledge on what to do when things like this occur.
Had I known what I know now, then, I would have only had downtime of 1 day max due to a busy schedule. Since I did not, it appeared as though I have had 4 days.
This is a lesson and a lesson that I have learned the hard way.

I understand why some of you have removed your witness votes from me, but I assure you, I have not and am not going anywhere. I said I was dedicated to this blockchain and I meant it.
I'm invested.

My technical knowledge will build over time, but I assure you that I am making solid records of what to do in certain situations and archiving them so that I can look back on them if I face any issues in the future. This will ensure that my knowledge base is not only increased, but fortified.
Having a file with the information I need that I can look at as it pertains to any given issue I've already faced, will make sure that I know how to handle that issue should it arise in the future.

Supporters through this

For those of you who stuck with me, thank you as well! As a new witness, I am working to figure things out as I go. I believe that I've done decently thus far and that I have provided a significant amount of value for the platform and I only wish to improve on that in the future.


For those of you who didn't?
I don't blame you one bit.
If I didn't believe a witness would be active again or had been inactive for 4+ days, I would remove my vote as well.


If you removed your vote because you were told to... I feel bad for you son.
I got 99 problems, but listening to what other people tell me to do ain't one! ;)

I noticed that a post was made calling for the removal of witness votes from me, without communication to the community first.
If @murda-ra had asked around a bit or been on the discord, he would have seen that I was working to resolve the issue, then thought I had and when I realized I hadn't, had sought out more help.

Of course, this did not matter to him.
It does to me though.
I lost a lot of votes from a lot of people I respect due to that.
I get that I didn't make a public post or anything saying that I was addressing the issues... but I wanted to wait until they were resolved to post. I did post publicly on the discord that I was having issues, so that should have pointed to the fact I was working on it and actually IS public.

I respect his right to post as he pleases, but I feel that it was a bit unwarranted to do that without having tried to contact me first to see if I was working on the issues or checking the discord to see if I had any activity.

I also feel that he has no right to sit there and speak on me when he is not even active weekly on our blockchain. He simply witnesses and posts rarely. I don't feel that he has given any more value than I have here. Idc what projects there are outside of SMOKE that he works on, those are not relevant to SMOKE by anything other than association and do not contribute value directly to SMOKE at all.

That's just how I feel about that, take it for what you will.
I'm simply saying that there is no legitimate reason why his word should hold more value than mine and there is no reason why he should be speaking ON me about witnessing when he hasn't spoken TO me about it. Shrug


Unfortunately, I was not "down" for those days, I simply had not broadcasted that I was witnessing, but it is what it is and it has drilled this information into my brain. :)


Thanks to everyone for their continuing support!

I feel that I no longer need to campaign on my posts.
If you removed your vote due to this issue though, I will please request that you reconsider. :)

I appreciate all the support I've gotten!
You guys are the best!

Click here >> VOTE << to vote for witnesses that you believe are doing positive things to help out our wonderful community! A lot of great people care a lot about this place!

Thank you all, again!

Peace and Love!


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I would highly recommend that you create back up nodes just in case such events occur, and also join the pWP beta testing team by @bbq-iguana (that switches main node to back up node on failure and sends email notification )and also join the telegram Missed Block notification bot by @roelandp.
As we are trusted to run the nodes all the time, we will have to bullet proof everything possible to avoid such scenarios. Personal life events are not in anyones control and anything can happen that could put us away from the block producer task.

However, we all should take proactive measures to avoid missing blocks for longer period and run this blockchain smoothly. Having said that, god forbid , if something were to happen in personal life that makes us away from the job we trusted on for longer period, then it would be reasonable to give other active block producers higher priority so that the smoke blockchain runs without any trouble.

Since the beginning of witness set up, I have missed 161 blocks overall. After I noticed the shared memory warning on my node I quicky went on discord and informed @bbq-iguana and he informed the rest on discord.

Then @chronocrypto made a post about the same, followed by many witnesses:


Post which I installed the necessary monitoring set up so that now I can keep an eye on my node for 24/7 - 365 days:

Plus the telegram notification bot :



No comment - pure facts just confirming ignorance of individuals.


Luckily, I was not missing blocks. So that was not the issue.
It was simply signing blocks with the default key (Which causes me not to miss blocks, actually, I was told? And it says on the witness guide?) so I was actually up and running for 3 days, just didn't realize that had not been updated. I got it "up and running" (so the witness page said) within 24 hours. So I thought. It showed that it was active again, then I went about my business. I had very minimal time, but if I had known it went disabled again, I would have gotten back on the task of getting it up. This is my fault as I should be checking it more. So yes, I get that.

Also, I was about to do that this weekend. Set up my backup node. I definitely plan to get the telegram bot as well. I am on discord, but this was just a bad timing issue mostly. I thought I had it resolved, went about my business thinking it would be ok for a few days, it wasn't. That's really it. Won't be any issues like this in the future that last this long, I can assure you of that. lol

What is dPoS and on what it relies:


  1. Uptime is required 99%
  2. Voting out witnesses that are missing out the blocks saves the network. You report and fix back, we can easily vote you in.
  3. @jrswab is communicating with me daily, never mentioned you.
  4. Telegram has WItness group ever since the Testnet, if you were not able to post there, it's your problem.
  5. My job as a witness is to monitor myself and other witnesses. You as a witness failed to do your job properly.
  6. When I used to miss blocks in BitShares testnet 7 months ago, and when i was downvoted I've said: "Thanks", because nobody would vote me in to the mainnet if seeing me with 10k missed blocks in the past.

Read more here

Now, since you are full of excuses and pointing out finger to someone else, you not gonna get my vote back "son". Next time be diligent about BlockProducer same as you are diligent on being wasted and promoting yourself without SINGLE MISS.

I believe i made myself very clear.

Community - you guys see someone missing blocks, down-vote to save the network.
They fix the witness in the meantime, with proper explanation and sorry in decent amount of time - upvote to restore the witness.

Smoke.io NETWORK COMES FIRST not you as individuals (as written in my witness report). If you think you deserve to be TOP BP, then act as one.

On a private side:

  1. My wife has uterus cancer.
  2. Stepdaughter had motorbike accident 12 days ago, was immobile for 5 days.
  3. My son can't speak because I don't have enough time for him.
  4. Im managing 7 projects, 3 blockchains and 2 community for less than 3k a month.
  5. Im having hemorrhoids size of an apple that bleeds every morning for 2 hours when i wake up, but im still with a computer 20 hours on a chair - dont have time or money for chill one month and just care my own problems.

Do I fail to deliver ? Ask anyone else.

P.S. This is a serious network, position and responsibility (Being BlockProducer - same as you Uni exams), not a charity or a restaurant so you can order what and when you please.



Not my fault you didn't ask and just expected him to bring it up.
I contacted him as soon as I had issues on the first day.
We discussed my possible issues, he tried to work them out with me, we discussed me moving over to docker as well.

I've had lots of family issues that has pulled my attention away from here but I still try to go through a few post. We all have hectic lives...hahaha

As soon as I seen your witness was active I put my vote back on for you. If I see I have a vote for a witness and they are disabled I will remove my vote. With that said I'm always looking at the witness page to see if any are disabled that I vote for. I encourage others to always check the witnesses they vote for and be mindful of a disabled witness.


Disabled witness is SERIOUS ISSUE for the network. Actually THEY NEED TO BE DOWNVOTED ASAP so other backup BP (who is operating normally for A LOT LESS INCOME) swaps in and continue normal operations. Which would be quite FAIR to all of those backup witnesses that are diligent and having greater costs than top 20.

But here, i see people only want to be first (TOP), dont care how, who will hurt, or what problem they cause. Only problem for them, if they are not in TOP.


Not in the top and also said I understood the downvoting. The only issue I had is with your ignorance of not checking with the community about me before posting about me. You would've seen I had been working with people to get it back up. Like I said tho, your involvement/interaction with the community has been horrible, so I don't expect you to understand. You contribute very little here, but ran your mouth off quite a bit on this one. Shrug

before @murda-ra jumps to his own defense, and seeing as you mention it, i can assure you he is busy behind the scenes in more ways than advertised/blogged about right now - here and elsewhere. to run any of these chains it needs collaboration from around all graphene. let me tell you knowing him as i do this was not meant in any way to cause harm to witness, only to prompt awesome action like you have clearly made in your update and report here. SMOKE like any dpos network needs its witnesses on the ball, the network can fail completely if there are less than X proper active BPs producing and ticking together like a clock! With that kind of regular bi-weekly or even monthly report and no 4 day gaps of missed blocks, and good collaboration/communication between other witnesses, will currently be getting my witness votes for sure ;)


@murda-ra has no defense to jump to. Attack is best defense as seen from @howhigh post

I don't need to reinvent the wheel. Facts about running dPoS and what is BP in my comment as direct reply to post of @howhigh, even you explanation that the network can fail completely if amount of X BPs is down should be enough.


Agreed 100%
Even I may have gone overboard on sympathy, will monitor all witnesses closely. Thanks @murda-ra you are very appreciated around here, no question !


I can relate to what you have just said... Such style of attacks is not doing good to this community. How high´s Abuse Report of suspicion of us using multi accounts ( no substance) had caused a stir in my community causing loss of his witness vote from a big smoke investor. The question is will smoke profit from such senseless reporting?


So answer me this:

If my node is up and running properly, but using the default signing key (That doesn't give me producer rewards.) then am I "down" just because I'm not signing with my personal key? Or will I still be supporting the network just not getting producer rewards?

I was led to believe this was not the case, that I was still running, just not signing blocks with my key and collecting producer rewards.

Your issue is that you didn't see if I was working to resolve the issues first, you just made a post. If you had known I was working directly with other more knowledgeable witnesses to resolve it, would you have even put my name on the post? That's my real question. Any issue I've ever had, I try to resolve instantly or within the day.
I'm still new to this.
I get your intentions, but I think you went about it the wrong way, that's really it. I take pride in how much I care about this place and am working to get the knowledge to be better at supporting it. You didn't take any of that into account tho. Just did what you did while being ignorant to certain facts.

Very strange thing I've just noticed, as a fact... My post yesterday and now - how suddenly your witness is so quickly up being offline 2 days and experiencing so much issues ? Can you please elaborate what was the issue.


I've made a post about it. I forgot to broadcast that my witness was live again so it was not signing blocks with my key. I had worked alongside @jrswab to get it up and running and he resolved my permissions issue. The witness said it was up and running fine, but I've been busy and haven't had much time due to college classes. I was under the impression it had been back up and running after only being down for about 20 hours, but this was not the case, so it showed me offline for another 2 days beyond the 2 when you made the post.

After 3 days of running, but not signing blocks with my signature, it appeared as though I had been offline for 4 days, but in reality, I THOUGHT I fixed the issue within 24 hours. I am still new to witnessing, but I think so far I've done a good job and been vigilant in getting things done. It's just unfortunate that I did not quite get all of the factors set back up properly, so my witness showed as disabled for far longer than I wanted it to. The good news I guess is that I didn't miss blocks when it reverted to the other signing key. I'm sure I missed some before that, but as soon as I realized it had been down, I took action. I see there's a new telegram tool to inform of witness downtime.. so I will have to be sure to use that from here on out as well as double check that what I've done has resolved any issues.

I said it on my post, but I'll say it again...
I don't think this was called for considering how little you actually even spend time here. Who are you to even say anything about telling people who to vote for when you aren't even active within our community on a weekly basis? You didn't even get on discord to see if I or any of the other down witnesses, had been active, because if you had, you would see that I was working constantly when I noticed it first went down and that I sought out help and was not just leaving it disabled. We thought we had solved my issues, we hadn't, we did later. That's it. I think your actions were a bit hasty and that you honestly haven't contributed very much here to even be opening your mouth about other witnesses. Just my two cents. I don't mean this offensively, but I realize that is probably how it will be taken, so I'm sorry if this upsets you, but you do very little more than run a witness here, your activities outside of here don't matter to me at all.

You still have my vote: thank you for the post!

Thanks for writing this post. I have returned the vote I removed when I saw your name marked as "inactive" on the witness list.
Peace and wittness on! :)

Worth using roelandp's down-bot notifier


I saw that post. Definitely going to be using that from here on out.


If you had a read from @roelandp, you can see who requested app to be enabled for witnesses and make their life more easy. But you haven't...


I've been busy. I have a life.
Sorry? Lol?

Thanks for the update @howhigh, i noticed you haven't been really active of recent which got me worried. Nevertheless, i knew you were hooked up with serious issues that require most of your time. Its really Good to see you back and am glad you are getting back your witness votes . You can jump over to telegram and get hold of @roelandp's bot, guess that would really be of help.


Posting has nothing to do with being BlockProducer. Don't mix content creation and directly hired freelancer to be paid by network to do job for it. If we were at the office, he have to call his manager to say he needs day off. Not just fuck off, with an excuse - "I dont have a minute to make publication about my witness being down".

Let's be more real, less emotional. This is just business. We have stock that needs to grow with value, and operating system to run so it can grow -> Disabled and Active BP(Missing blocks, the higher in top50 the worse) -> No operating system.


less emotional

I agree, except none of it was emotion, just observation and opinion.

Obviously this was all a learning lesson, but no one attacked you. Was just stating what I've seen thus far. You don't make any posts about what you're doing behind the scenes, so same goes for you, why should I support someone who has shown nothing at all of value beyond running a witness? As far as SMOKE directly goes, you've shown virtually nothing about what you do or contribute. At least not any time in the recent past. Not saying you haven't contributed, just that from my perspective I see next to nothing of value. Yet you expect me to make posts immediately about what I'm doing or I deserve to lose support? Hypocritical as hell lol.

Show me what you've actually done for SMOKE and then I'll shut my mouth.
I've seen nothing of any real value from you thus far though. Just my perspective.
I don't doubt you've done SOMETHING since people keep vouching for you, just haven't seen anything that matters to me as far as SMOKE goes.

Completely understandable, you got my vote, ive removed votes from disabled witnesses and its sad, some of those have been around since the beginning.


Yea, I understand your removal of it. It's not a big deal really, just don't think it was fair I got called out for it when I was working with the community behind the scenes to get things back up and running properly. lol

Thank you for your support, I'm trying to get better at this whole witness thing.