last year

As you know, I am a witness here.

When I heard about WeedCash, I had to go participate there as well.
Another niche for cannabis can only be beneficial as far as I see things.
Success or failure, weedcash will help bring even more attention to SMOKE!
As people hear about it more and see our community over there posting, they will get curious and come check us out as well! (Usually this is the case with similar products/services/etc.)

I will most likely be posting there in addition to SMOKE now.
Life has been a bit busy as of late, but I am finding more free time now.
I will be posting, commenting, and learning coding more.
Between college and a full time job, then throw in having 2 kids, things have just been really hectic for me lately. Sorry if I've seemed absent, I haven't actually been, I've just been stopping in here and there to do some voting and read some posts. My free time has been minimal.

Here's one of my latest nugs!


I will try not to cross post, as I think that gives less value. I will, however, probably be using the same pictures that I take, for each post. The words/etc just might be a bit different.
I will also be using weedcash to promote SMOKE as well! That should offer a slight bit more exposure as well.

Just a reminder, THIS CONTEST will be ending in about 6 hours! There is minimal interaction on it, which is kinda sad... the rewards are pretty decently sized!
Participate before it ends later tonight, to get your share of the rewards! :)

#weedcash #smoke

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That's a lot to juggle, but very inspirational. Am new to the network but am trying to get as many people over here as I can. As cannabis is becoming more acceptable world wide a community like this is needed for all the newbies that need a little guidance.


Welcome to SMOKE. :) I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here! Lot of great content, lot of great people, in the early stages of something with massive potential. Just the place to be. ;)

Just out of curiosity, what do people think about crossposting now? I remember in the beginning cross-posts, even though they were about weed were getting flags cause they were also posted on whaleshares (which as far as I am ware is all about crossposting on itself).


I think copy/pasting shit is pretty cheap and that's what I've never liked.
That's why I intend to use different words, say different things on each, even if I re-use my personal pictures. I feel like it really depends on how much they differ and what the content in each of them is.

Obviously my first posts about the fact that I've joined there, are going to be very similar. However, I will be speaking about my thoughts on each platform as it pertains to them.
Ex: SMOKE community related stuff talked about on SMOKE, WEED community on WEED.

I think SMOKE is better for purely cannabis posts, whereas since WEED is set on top of the STEEM blockchain, I feel as though I can speak more openly about other things there and as long as it in some way pertains to something having to do in some way with cannabis, then I'll be alright, but I can broaden the topics a bit more.

I'm always SMOKE dedicated, but since I am not a grower (Yet! I have some hope it'll be legal soon.) and I feel that there is too much of the design stuff and contests already, so me contributing to that consistently would just flood it more. Which is why I rarely post/hold contests. I don't want to be spammy or post content that I'm not putting a lot of time into. It doesn't feel right. There are always exceptions, but for the most part, I feel that my content hasn't provided too much in the realm of adding quality to the platform, so I choose to not flood it with it.

IMO, the same thing applies for crossposting. Sure, you want the largest audience to make the most on your work... but is it so hard to make two posts that you've truly got no time to put in the maybe 40 mins max it prob takes highest of quality posters, to make them differ in ways? To talk about more subjects/topics in each?

Even if you were to post a video talking about 3-4 topics, all you'd have to do is speak a little longer on each and put 2 topics per site. It's not hard to do and not very time consuming to write/record a bit extra.

As I said, I feel it really depends on what the content is, but the blatant copy/paste bullshit annoys the fuck outta me. Tbh.


Oh, I'm only referring to WEED also, as the specific other platform, because I never posted to STEEM really, beyond that first post. Now that weedcash exists, I have decided to branch out a bit, as things are fairly stable for now over here with SMOKE. I like the low prices tbh, it allows newcomers to have more of a say and balances out things. I know SMOKE will rise in price too, only a matter of time before more adoption happens. Good things take time.

That means I will be freed up now, since I have more time, to focus on learning more coding/backend shit for SMOKE, while I observe and begin to participate in that community as well.


I think it has implicitly been accepted that active community participants have crossed the bridge also to weedcash.

With less content due to slower than expected growth, and also people having IRL, less checks have been made for Canna related content.

It still doesn't change the fact that it dilutes a token and also can hurt the SEO of a site.

Personally, I do not crosspost and think it is a harmful act for both network and the actual author, the latter shooting themselves in the foot by potentially eroding the value of a token and a site's foundation (content for SEO).

If unrelated topics, crossposts are still as loathed as before AFAIK. If people want to use a platform like WLS to promote, they should use just an excerpt and there will be no SEO issues. Nor debates about earning twice since it is obvious they promote their content rather than chase tokens.


If posts on smoke are full of steem references then that comes off a bit cheap, feels like spam. I prefer exclusive content however I'm far more likely to reward less on crossposted content here than I am to flag it.


I think it's a incredibly pretentious to be anti-cross posting. I can't even imagine what the reaction would be like on instagram if someone commented "You cross posted this to facebook, stop doing that, your hurting instagrams SEO!" or visa versa, it's ridiculous. If it bothers someone so much they don't want to vote the content, that's their prerogative, but when they make a comment, it's an act in pomposity.

I think people should cross post. This is still so early in blockchain that no one really knows what's going to happen. The way you support the chain you like is by holding those coins, and dumping the ones (or some of the ones) you don't believe will succeed to buy more of the ones you do.

A post on weedcash is a post on steem. Really it's just a new front end for steem that only displays posts with the weedcash logo, and uses a new token to distribute sidechain rewards on steem. You cannot vote independently from steem on the weedcash network. I'm not even sure if it's really truly a blockchain or just piggybacking off steem's entirely.


lol not the best example considering facebook owns instagram but yeah.

steem-engine tokens aren't blockchains, they're not even coins really just centralized tokens for now.


Not to mention that everyone big in social media, cross posts! They do it to get wider exposure. Not all of the same people populate the same platforms, so posting the same content to multiple platforms gives them exposure to a wider audience. The general social media user seeing the same content on multiple platforms just thinks to themselves "Oh, I already say this one on Medium" and they just move on. In crypto, something totally weird and unexpected happens.

We see this

Thanks for the contest reminder I’m about to remind some others.


Good! Please do! The more we all share, the better. :)


I'll let the contest run until a day after payout, just to give everyone a second chance if they missed it.

I'm not sure about weed cash, because it's built on Steem which is currently hostile towards Cannabis at least by the majority of voting power holders.


I have said since Weedcash came out, that smoke has a distinct advantage being it's own blockchain. Being a sidechain linked to steem, only gives it a short term hype boost, but at a long term disadvantage.