August complex fires

in #life
4 days ago

Please help us save our little farm. August complex has taken everything from us. We need any help you can provide. If you can’t donate please pass it along. We are also on ig @highrollersluxurysmoking

Thank you!

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Welcome to

I wish I could say I was in a place to help but this year has been mighty rough on me also 😔 what I can say is that by creating an in-depth write-up you will gain more support.

Here on as an example, add links by writing the full address including the and

Thank you for joining us, hope you have a quick recovery and share the progress with us 🙏

If you need a 💯 legit PlUG 🔌 for pills and buds 💨⛽️HMU🔌🔥🍁.
Snapchat: mark.jordan420
Wickr: markjordan420
Text/call: (330) 778-6814