The highest point of my week.

2 years ago

Got a new job! 🔥 🔥 🔥

So due to a disastrous event that I'm still dealing with on many levels - I had to leave my previous job, managing a Cannabis Dispensary.

T'was a match made in heaven & it pains me (a lot) to think back on it. Regrets and fomo and most of all - not being able to help the medical patients that really needed it. At least I can find some peace knowing someone else will fill my shoes once the laws straighten out. Which is planned to happen in Canada for 2020 with solid extracts, edibles and edible oils.

Onwards and Upwards though

After taking some time off to help my wife get better, and look after the tiny human we had created 10 months back.
I decided it was time to get back to work. The owner of the dispensary I used to work at (who is also a friend) still asks if I can come back - and it's SO HARD to decline. Unfortunately it's my only option right now.

Instead, say hello to a brand new tin-basher! I had some experience welding and working with sheet-metal so.. I chucked it in the fuckit bucket and grabbed myself a new job.


To celebrate my newfound source of income, I'm smoking on this Morrocan "Cannoli" Hash. It's and absolute treat, and I only indulge on special occasions because it was VERY hard to get my hands on. Plus, I'd hate to up my tolerance with this one and make it feel common place.

Now that I'm basically finished working on @pipe-cleaner, I've been able to focus on other projects like porting Steem Connect over to Smoke (for devs to auth there dapps) aswell as blockstrain.

I've also been kicking around an idea to get my old buddy, the dispensary owner, on

I'm not sure the best way to do it though, as he isn't the biggest tech person. That's a bit of an understatement actually, and it's not that he doesn't have the brain for it. He doesn't have any personal social media accounts.

What do you guys think? How would you prefer to see a post from a dispensary? Let me know in the comments or on Discord.

Thanks for looking!

Witness Update Coming Soon!

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Life’s too short for regrets. On and forwards and to make the next/current thing as good as the previous thing is something in your control, or something to leave behind.

Rock on and make it yours, make the future yours. 🦇

Personally, I always tend to tell people to forget about the Smoke mechanics. Posting to smoke is easy: share your story, add images, hit post. Done and dusted.

We help new users more by making it easy, and enjoyable, to them rather than giving them a headache with all technicalities, specifics, and strategies. Most don’t care, most will see it as a bonus.

For dispensaries, a gradual step in in content marketing strategy is more important — if they don’t yet know that — than the specifics of staking and HODLing.

Oh and btw... congrats on the new gig.


Thanks, I truly appreciate that! You're absolutely right - time to take the bull by the horns.

Good point about new users, I couldn't agree more. I believe even the ones that are seemingly bad actors can be steered in the right direction with a bit of encouragement and comradery.

And yes a content marketing strategy would I guess be the starting point. Let him know that it's a great platform (with an apparent growing Canadian user-base) he's just needs to use it properly use it for it to have good results, like leafly or weedmaps


I’ve battled myself with some serious demons in life and, for me, a return to stoicism massively helped me. The demons had changed the focus of my moral and mental compass... because I allowed them.

Joining smoke for a business is at this point a long shot, but the solidarity and growing traffic definitely justify the efforts. Being first in a city, even if right now a small user base still, can be but beneficial. Especially now there is less competition with less daily claimants.

Additionally, it allows a brand/company to grow at their pace with their content strategy and make errors. Other, larger platforms can be much more brutal when making small mistakes. And, often, they are much more expensive too.

Congrats! Pipe-Cleaner is dope, great work!

More business on the site helps credibility. It would be a good move overall to see them.

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