Too busy Smoking this Thin Mints to show it off!

3 months ago

Thin Mints!!

i get caught up in the moment a lot guys lol. This was one of those sweet highs right here. definitely loved this flavor. It was a great strain and went well with the other strains i had. This was the flower i would usually smoke in the evening because its real heavy. If you haven't heard of Thin Mints, its like a cross between cookies and og. Its real heavy but still has that cookie taste to it. The cookies is actually heavy too but Thin Mints is super heavy. This is when you are ready to lay it down, otherwise its slow motion!

Im pretty much down to my last at this moment but i got some more planned for you guys. Ive been working non stop on my music for the past two months. These trees were important in the process lol.

Took me a nice dab of this damn near translucent wax i got. Puuuuurfect

I‘m getting alot of good feedback on the bluntsauce. Ive been thinking about picking up some to give out to yall. what do you think?

Anyway i appreciate my Smoke Fam. Much love to you guys.

Now Roll Up!!

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Lovely buds


Yes indeed

Waaaaaaaaaaaax man!

Nice shots!



They look really tasty :)

Another cut that I can´t wait to get my hands many of them I would need a factory to grow them all. Exciting times to be in Cannabis


I don't know what blunt sauce is but I'm intrigued. The nugs look nice and frosty. That wax might be the clearest I've ever seen!


Yeah that wax is crazy tasty

Woa .that looks killer. Buds frosty, spliff fat...moon guaranteed. Someone is off for a nice ride. Enjoy


To the moon!

Lol i've brought myself down to the last nugs before forcing myself to take some pictures too lol .. Nice looking buds, they've got the icing. What's this blunt sauce, does it have THC in it or is it a flavoring - nice, get the blunt sizzle with the sauce :)


Yea it’s thc oil

Great photo's of some very tastey looking stuff ..