Long Story Short .....

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5 months ago

Before i scooped up the big bag i still had some tree leftover from the Reef

I had some points i havent used so i picked up some 🔥 Do Si Dos

It was definitely some flight and suprisingly fresher than i thought it would be. Nugs looking like Saladitos...remember those?

Oh yeah i went back to planet 13 too and grabbed some more of that Jet Fuel oops i mean Sky Fuel. Such a Jet Fuel bootleg but if you can bootleg anything from B Real and come close then youre winning

Oh yeah they gave me a shirt

This a pic of the beautiful OG ive been blowing on. aaaaah ...its been a while since ive smoked some good old Cali OG

My boy shot me some Blunt Sauce

Never heard of it until now but this is the shit right here. It comes with a brush that the sauce comes through so all you gotta do is brush now. Saves alot of sauce and mess.

Nice even spread. Used to be so hard to do but now too easy

next post ill show off the Thin Mints.

Im working on my roll game. I got something special for yall!

To Be Continued....

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blunt sauce?! That sounds amazing!


And there goes somebody check the deep web for availability. 😂


It’s a great invention lol

This sauce is like a glue?


Yeah basically, oil tho

I need that things hahaha baking a real good looking J-sausage there.

Dam that sauce brush is an amazing idea, your in vegas we have another member visiting Vegas on vacation

Nice post. O.g bud looks ace.


Hella does! 🔥


Meh squirting that bluntsauce is so annoying. Ah much better, I haz sauce brush now!


Turns it into a piece of cake now!

Long story short, those buds are fire



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