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In the most southern part of 95 in Massachusetts is the town of Attleboro. Attleboro is more of a Providence suburb than Boston, and has every store known to man.


One of the things about Attleboro, like nearby Taunton or Brockton. they have always had much better prices on bongs, than you would tend to see in Boston, especially before 2010 when there weren't as many shops and prohibition was in full effect mode.


Every now and then, I find myself out in this part of the state and If time permits, I'll always pop in to random shops to see if they have anything interesting for sale.


One of the shops I have always liked is Puffins Smoke Shop.


Well, Massachusetts had put shops into lock down a couple of weeks ago, but they are now allowing them to open to support medicinal cannabis users, as medicinal cannabis has now been deemed essential. Adult recreational cannabis is at this time not considered essential, unlike alcohol. There are many folks who are angry about this hypocrisy and none of them are probably involved in any level of free market distribution. Anywho...............


They carry all the raw stuff, and I do grab a pack of cones every now and then.


They work great in this thing.


It's the perfect preroll maker, plus no need to stamp-lick the seam.


This shop has an old school feel. Newer shops anre nice but ususlly have everything in cases and are mostly glass and lights, with limited product lines.


This shop has a great selection, but sadly does not carry incredibowl.


They do have a ton of great prices on old school bongs, the newer shops hardly ever have simple tall thick glass tubes.




Something Old


Something New


Something Borrowed


Something Eww!


i do my best to distance myself from it, but I think the media is getting to me, this girl seems extra corona-y now.


so the word on the street is Get what you need to smoke up the green and g. t. f. back in your yellow quarrantine



All photos by Joey Slliks except the google map screen grab
and the Massachusetts welcome sign ..google search result

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Thanks for the window shopping .......

Very cool place! I like all the variety that is in places like this it's great to check out!

Awesome videos bro.... I Subscribed and Liked all of them. Keep creating .... These are awesome.


thanks for the support

i do my best to distance myself from it, but I think the media is getting to me, this girl seems extra corona-y now.


I have had the same exact thoughts, social programming at its finest!

Hard to find a place like that still open around here... only what’s considered essential service which many seem to bend the destination by following the new social distancing laws... crazy money in fines otherwise but it’s at the shops discretion until laws enforced on them 🤦‍♂️ just like early days of legalization... now effecting every business... least our dispensaries will be prepared to jump through the hoops 👍

Those are awesome Beatles Yellow Submarine characters....I made my own from plasticine and made a stop motion movie when I was a kid....

Awesome content! Nice to meet you. Followed!