Who made The Mystic Rope Walk?

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3 months ago

Well, it is rumored that a giant piece of New England Hemp History is now an exhibit in Mystic Connecticut.


The Colonial era Seaport town of Mystic CT, was also the location of the 1980's Julia Roberts film


Mystic Pizza...later she played Erin Brockovich

[Actual Erin Brockovich] courtesy of Spy Agency Image Search

but the notorious Mystic River is closer to Boston


and where we are is an hour west of Boston, just off one of the first exits into Connecticut, from Rhode Island on route. 95 South, chillin'.


So to get here, it was a bit of road trip and I was pushing for a food stop at the Mystic Diner, An idea which suffered little, if any, resistance .


I had been here a number times in my life, in fact this diner is one of the many diners I will tend to stop at when passing through Ned Lamont's Connecticut. I like diner food and that's just how it is. ...anywho


Well I go pull a few giant hits of Sour Diesel

out of the Incredibowl


while waiting for them to make my order, and when I arrived back at my seat,


super zooted,


I'm greeted by the belgian waffles and coffee, which came exactly how i like them.


I meant to take a picture..... but the weed


good thing the spy agency image search had some results for me


So we finished up with all the tipping and unwonted stories


and headed over the the mystic seaport museum. We knew it was closed, but thought maybe we can get a picture of that old "Ropewalk" and smoke a blunt or something. At the gate there was a guy on the other side of it, the facilities manager or whatever. He asks me if I'm rich? I tell him "sadly no, I'm poor":( . Just then the real Rich arrives and now we're all friends. We tell them what we are up to, trying to get some photos of the ropewalk. the facilities guy invites us on to the property because we are the so called "media."

He and the Rich guy leave and tell us we can stay as long as we like at the otherwise vacant and rainy seaport museum

...so WEEDid


The Seaport is set to the time period of the mid to later 1800s. I think technically 1876, a sort of living snapshot and in that way, similar to New England's Plimouth Plantation or Old Sturbridge Village. Cordage was a big deal especially at the seaports. In fact it cann be said Products were transported across the magnificent oceans of the world by rope.


The Plymouth Cordage Company was started in Plymouth in the mid 1800s. It was more than a rope company. Because Plymouth was a great distance from any cities or towns, the required laborers needed to be housed. The Plymouth Cordage Company built a whole village for them . Folks who worked there had housing as a condition of employment and were encouraged to grow there own food and engage in the created community. They also been reported to have a high quality of life




Well not much Hemp here anymore ....We came prepared though


Great place to get Blasted!

Mystic Seaport and Diner ..Highly Recommended

ropewalk code.jpg

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Nice tripping, glad u had fun...


good times

Very interesting 🤩 Love the ship 💚


the cannabis powered (sails and cordage )ships were the best


Definetely 😊💚

It has such an alluring name!