Question....What do you get? ....rt 9 / rt 16

last year


Answer....You get your car parked, and yourself in there, to get some pastries.


because that’s where you’ll find Quebrada bakery in the “mayonnaise is spicy” Boston suburb of Wellesley MA.


A proud, and high ranking member of the area’s ubiquitous, Metro West, Wellesley is home to some of the area’s top colleges, (Wellesley College, Olin College, Babson College, Mass Bay College) and nearby a number of other schools.


There is, perhaps, a modicum of a college town vibe, but one that is distinctly different from the Increasingly college-centric neighborhoods of Cambridge or the city of Boston(University).


One way to say it, is the town of Wellesley has managed to minimize distractions.


Wellesley is at the same time a very family oriented town, known for its high performing public schools, and diverse community Of liberal “white“ folk.


Quebrada baking company, located right at the intersection of Route 9 and Route 16 has amazing fun size pecan twists and cinnamon buns. I seriously stop and get a few every time I pass this intersection, which Thankfully isn’t too often, because I would probably stop every day if I did.


Warning ...If you get there too late they sell out Of them.


They also have really Nice breakfast croissants . They’re warm and ready to go, served up a few different ways daily.


Everything here is awesome, but I’m still focusing on fighting off my own starvation via the minibuns, and to justify this preemptive action I will Be taking a couple of these little cuties on nature walk at the nearby, Cutler Park


About 10 minute drive from Wellesley, is a tree-mendous section of an otherwise unassuming office park, in nearby and neighboring Needham, that sits on the Charles River. Somewhere along the line of the office parks development, somebody was probably forced to include a little nature path, with public parking, into the final design.


Cutler Park is an amazing place to come for some dog walking and bike riding, or to discreetly smoke some ganja , like when you’re on your lunch break or something.


There are a ton of companies around here and places to go for lunch, so it’s a pretty common spot for reasonable cannabis users to come and blaze a bowl or two of the “nice nice” during the typical work day grinder.


Staying away from the couch today, and trying to keep shit moving. I’ve got a half 8th of Darkstar with me this morning that I’m gonna roll right up into, what’s becoming quite a habit, another amazing waxy joint.


I like darkstar a lot, even though I don’t usually smoke indica strains in the morning, but it is what it is, and in fairness it’s a nice chill strain.


I know a lot of people smoke weed in the car, or the house and I do too, .... a lot, but I would like to offer this as encouragement


Get the friends outside




All photos by Joey SLLiks

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Wish I was allowed to blaze in my apartment... would make smogging so much simpler 👍 everything would be so much simpler 😅


assuming you already know ...eucalyptus in shower with hot running water for steam, towel the bottom of door, thinking conservatively and using 1 hitter or apple burn all of the weed and keep all the smoke in your lungs (Michael phelps style), wait 30 seconds...then put all the smoke into an empty and waiting baLOON.


I suppose that would make for an interesting vlog 😉 still more complicated then just GTFO

  ·  last year

GTFO indeed.....