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6 months ago


It’s funny what folks are proud of


For whatever reason there’s a strange ideology at play here in Massachusetts, especially with drivers, for whom a certain “lack of aggression”, equates to weakness.


We take illegal U-turns, ride the breakdown lane and don’t always play nice in rotaries


Even the bicycle riders here are known to get involved in all of the fun.


Folks are really Proud to be Mass-holes !


So when I discovered this little donut shop Massholes, over in Arlington and right off Mass Ave, I was excited and pretty high from all this tangie dream.


Yes we cann!


These ornately crafted donuts are perfect


because Boston driving makes you so hungry from all the seemingly unnecessary beeping, bowl packing, lighter searching, raising of the finger, and of course all that “illegal”u-turning we talked about.


Bad news is although it was fairly busy the donut shop didn’t have a line today, so by default no “line-cutting”, another time honored Boston tradition. I’m sure during any combination of mornings and weekends one would find such an opportunity to “Do as the Dough-mans” as it were.


....So beautiful


....so peaceful

Masshole Donuts in Arlington ....Highly Recommended

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Oh man, I could go a donut right now!

The east coast has great food! Period


lol always