Toys for Terps 2020 Edition- Holiday Toy Drive @ GreenMatters Taunton, MA with Mary Palmer & The Toking Dead

3 months ago

click here for the link to the video on the horrible corporate multi-national owned video site that is offensive to truth and liberty.

2020 has been a tough year for most folks,


especially the small business owners and people working in the service and entertainment industry. Although making a contribution to a toy drive doesn't really solve any major problems, it is the kind of kindness that does go a long way. So many folks are having to prioritize things, like eating food, in a way that sometimes causes rent, heat, or car payment problems.


It doesn't help that in our culture we equate the degree of gift giving with a child's intrinsic goodness, the takeaway being that the best children get the most. At the end of the day, a couple of rando dinosaurs accompanied by some remote controlled jeeps is more than just some kind of bootleg and awesome jurassic park play-set, it's maybe a little pressure off of a parent (guardians too), who may be starving themselves a little bit these next few weeks to play the "present game". After all, only the worst children don't get visits from that ol' grouchy red and white mall-man.

It is what it is, as the expression goes, and so I've said all of this, only to say, when I saw that there was a toy drive happening,


I really wanted to come out and participate. Maybe meet some local and like minded folks,


including local #hemp heroes


The "Who is Mary Palmer?"


as well as The Toking Dead crew


Taunton is off of rt495 in Southern Massachusetts.


If you think this place smells like budd from the outside, wait until you smell it from the inside.


Taunton, for some reason, is a great place to get bongs and pipes. It can be said that your bong money goes twice as far here, as compared to shops in Boston or NYC.


above image from

It is a city that is almost 400 years old and predates THE USA.


Like many of these old New England Towns, they are mere shadows of their former selves and in our long and arduous hemp history, early residents had been compelled to grow the plant at the behest of the authority, under the Crown. In modern times, Taunton has become one of the larger of Massachusetts cities, with a population of almost 60k and a fairly large and busy urban-ish area.


The toy drive event was held here in Taunton, at the newly opened Green Matters Grow Shop.


Green Matters has had their long running Middleboro shop going for over a decade. They are an amazing little family owned local business, and direct competitor to the long list of the "invasive species" breed of retailers we don't even need to mention. You know, the ones that can stay open amid all the pointless shut downs.


Organic growing is very important and Green Matters is a great place to get everything you need for hydroponics as well as no till/ top till gardening. No PGRs here. :)


They also have a great supply of lighting equipment, tents, fans, as well as a full list of related supplies


If you like weed you should grow it.


Especially now. It's not that it is easy, but it is fun, and cann be very rewarding. And if you are looking to start growing weed You should go to a shop like this, ask a ton of questions, learn the science and master the craft.


Resist the urge to save a few bucks at the enemy. Be of the people.


also the Pomegranate Quarantini was on the next level. Budds from Buds ..only :)


....Green Matters Grow Shops Highly Recommended




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