There’s snow, Time Wreck, the present.

2 months ago

I love the snow and when it snows its usually much more comfortable outside
.....tonight’s no exception.


Back at the Arboretum as it’s one of my favorite places to come during a snowstorm I love to go smoke weed and walk around the spot.


Snow always makes me want to do a set of roll ups of the real nice


And go for a little stroll in the snow.


be safe everybody roads are terrible



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The first photo looks like a scene out of Doctor Who! I absolutely love it! : ) I love seeing the little adventures you go on and knowing that you're enjoying them more, because you've got bud to smoke!

We need more snow and driving is also more fun!


Yes! There’s no driving like snow driving.

Nice atmospheric snow shots. I live in U.K .we don't get much snow (non this winter,yet),so it's nice to see u.s/canada smokers photo's of it .


Guilty as chahhhged