THE WHO-KAH WANTS TO SMOKAH? with Habibi and the Falafellas. doors at 11

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3 months ago

photo by Joey SLLiks

The Nearby New England city of Providence has had a number of "hookah"' bars for a long time.

photo by Joey SLLiks

They are kind of fun, but "no smoking weed" and the official sheesha is pretty harsh. The trip to Providence used to be easy on the mbTa's commuter Rail, via the Providence Line, but now the T is for terrible, has cancelled weekend service to little Rhodey. The good news is that you don't have to go all the way to Rhode Island to smoke hookah in a swanky lounge setting.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Habibi's lounge in Allston is a smokey little sheesha den, even post covid . They have plastic sheeting up around the privat-ish booths, so all the smoke stays in the section you are in. :) and a swanky little sheesha den indeed.

click here for the link to the video on youtube

photo by Joey SLLiks

Habibi's lounge is downstairs from Rock City's newly opened and popular middle eastern restaurants Ajeen

photo by Joey SLLiks

and Falafellas.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Ajeen opened up the weekend after "the covid" shutdowns last March.

photo by Joey SLLiks

I love Lebanese food and Ajeen does great, made to order middle eastern inspired flatbreads topped with options such as lahm or soujouk

photo by Joey SLLiks

and everything is made from scratch and served quickly. This is not Not "fast food" but sure to give neighboring McDeeez

photo by Joey SLLiks

a run for its mcmoney.

photo by Joey SLLiks

The Greek salad at Ajeen also gets a High 5 on it

photo by Joey SLLiks

Next to Ajeen

photo by Joey SLLiks

is Falafellas and guess what they sell.

photo by Joey SLLiks

They are actually related businesses and are both clean fresh and open Boston Late. (like 11).

photo by Joey SLLiks

with a contemporary modern look and wifi enabled laidback atmosphere

photo by Robert The Great

They like many other local restaurants had opened up some additional, covid friendly outdoor seating

photo by Joey SLLiks

in front of the shop on Comm Ave and at the intersection of Harvard Ave.

A great al fresco* addition to the neighborhood.
*pretty sure is Italian for "you can hit that vape

Ajeen , Falafellas and Habibi's Lounge Highly Recomended

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No smoking weed?



Rhode Island weed law is pretty whack... here in Boston that piece
is much better


Yah gutted lol

Ajeen looks really good.


everything so fresh :) flatbreads of the hook