Sunday Dinner? Let’s take it Leban-E-Z

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6 months ago

Nobody felt like Cooking dinner today as it’s been so hot


[screengrab by JoeySLLiks]

and I’ve been wanting to try out this Middle Eastern restaurant To Beirut


I discovered in Shawarma abundant Norwood Massachusetts


Now all the social distancing has made Norwood a popular spot for restaurants because they have a whole outdoor area that they’ve created in their town center


And It seems like the whole way down route 1a from Boston it smelled like weed. Especially in my car




Like this Purple Queen I’ve been really enjoying


You know what’s great about this strain, it fits perfectly in the incredibowl.


And I don’t know if it’s because it’s summer or what but I’ve been really into fresh vegetables these days, so Middle Eastern food is great because Always lots of vegetables in the dishes


They even have these little Snacks that look just like Cannagars


When I made the order, I have to admit .... I was pretty high


I wanted things I didn’t really know about ...seemed like a good idea at the time and all that.


The problem was I was ordering for the family tonight and I think they knew I was a little Zooted


And they weren’t exactly expecting Lebanese nachos


Luckily To Beirut had my back And everybody thought it was incredible.


To Beirut in Norwood Massachusetts… Highly recommended

[All images, not screen grabs of the local Boston weather or the "so called' Simpsons are by Joey SLLiks]

Father God Bless the people in Beirut bless their families hear their prayers and meet the needs. In the mighty name of Jesus

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First time i hear about the incredibowl 😊 The purple queen looks great 💚 Never been to Beirut restaurant but looking at that picture i'm assuming its delicious 🤤😍


Everything “home made “ fresh tahini, I’ll be going back for some shawarma.

Man you find the craziest places to eat 👌

Yum. My favourite.


place is great...forgot to grab baklava though


Next time for made me search for a beirut restaurant in my town😊...unfortunately there isn't any 😐 but that doesn't mean that i can't try to cook some of the recipes 😁