Smile, you’re in Jamaica ...Plain Licks

6 months ago

It is unseasonably warm here in Boston…

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

....obviously nobody’s complaining because it’s beautiful out, and the weather makes you want to go pick up your grandma and treat her to an ice cream sundae or something.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

However, If you and your grandma are hoping to score some classic, time tested, Boston area ice cream, it might be a sadder-day than you’d expect, as you can’t go to Brigham’s anymore.

[result from Spy Agency image search ]

.....or Friendly’s or Swensen’s, or any of the long list of formerly popular, and once successful, Boston area ice cream joints.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

But good news Bostonians, JP Licks (not to be confused with Jamaica Plain Liquors) is still truckin’ and has maintained its status, having Boston’s best ice cream for over 30 years.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

I don’t wanna get anybody in trouble, but I have a distant memory of going down to the basement at the original JP Licks Centre St. location, and popping co2 carts into the cracker, with my high school friend who worked there, but that’s another story.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

Well since those early days J.P.Licks has scooped up a much bigger Centre St. location with more visibility, as well as having opened up a number of other high profile, Boston area locations.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

I happened to be near the Dedham location on this warm balmy June-uary evening, and Upon remembering that JP Licks always seems to have at least one, amazing hemp based, non-dairy option, I decided to take advantage of this pocket of spring by getting high and treating myself to a ‘screem .

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

Bingo! they do have hemp today,
and it’s...
I see what you did there JP. ;)

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

It’s even green. Lol. And going right into a milk shake.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

..JP licks has always been pushing the forward thinking ice cream envelope. Offering alternatives to even their non-dairy alternatives. When it comes to Milk Shakes, they cann also have it done in a hemp based, non dairy way, and If that’s not awesome enough, They’re always displaying the art work of local starving artists on their walls. (featured below is the work of Sharif Muhammad)

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

Not too mention , As I Just witnessed first hand, they will offer to make your milk shake with soy milk, almond milk, oatmeal milk, regular milk, MC Milk, Milk duds and Milky Way.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

While they shake up my frozen hemp milk, I go back outside to hit my ganja vapesaber when I realize I’m getting to the end of my sour jack Eureeka cart.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

In fairness I’ve been hitting it hard today and don’t have a replacement cart with me, so hopefully it will Last until tomorrow.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

But At the moment
.....I am chillin.
........the pot-stash-io milkshake is chillin
...........what more can I say

...Top Bill-in.


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One of everything .......shouted the man wearing the "sour jack" t-shirt ! : ) I really like all the dairy free options..... .....I've decided to clone myself and send the other me to live in Boston.


I think I have had everything at least once over the years...They will do a custom order, hemp ice cream cake as were talking!


@grahamsvorten Ice cream hemp cake ! Next time you get this pls post a pic. ....


thats fine ...just be sure to leave your caaahh at home.

sorry for the bad links to MC Milk / Audio 2 Top Billin.....the correction