PhenoCup "Seed-drop", Oh sookie! To the Summit with Wings and give the man a Cookie

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3 months ago

photo by Joey SLLiks

New England is a great place for Cannabis and one of the great annual New England Cannabis events has become the Pheno-Cup.

This marks the 3rd iteration of the event and the judging will occur at a "tba" location

in Maine, some summer weekend,


image by PhenoCup

and so now, the contestants are officially able to start working on their entries for the upcoming competition.

How it works

Grow it your way. Here’s what we will need to know and what you will need to do:

Submit photos of your grow through the growing process.
What grow medium you are using.
Type of nutrients being used.
The type of lighting you are using
One ounce of flower must be submitted by  July 29th

- Edibles rules -

12 samples must be submitted by July 29th for entry.
50-100 mg per entry, list mg, you will be judged on the accuracy of your submission.
Ingredients must be listed as well as allergens.
Directions if applicable (serve cold, pour over ice, keep frozen etc..
All entries to be white labeled with black ink, no branding labels will be allowed. Must be    
Submitted by July 29th

- Solvent rules -

Must submit 8,   1/2 gram samples.
Must use a solvent and list what type is being used.
All entries to be white labeled with black ink, no branding labels will be allowed.
Entries must be submitted by July 29th 

- SolventLESS rules -

Must submit 8,   1/2 gram samples.
No solvents may be used.
All entries to be white labeled with black ink, no branding labels will be allowed.
Entries must be submitted by July 29th

photo by Joey SLLiks

Tonight's dissemination Event was held in the popular college city of "Wistah aka WU-Stah! aka Worcester" MA" which is now getting recognition for it's weed-friendliness. Recently the Statist and unnecessary control group, the CCC has even moved their office from Boston out west to WeedStor MA.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Right on time and exactly as planned The seeds were officially dropped on Worcesters Summit.

image result from spy agency

No not Ward Hill,


which in fairness would have been pretty dope, but I'm reefering

photo by Joey SLLiks

to the Private CluB on (g)Water Street,

IMG_20210206_204439255_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

which btw, I was excited to find the Summit has many copies available of the free to take, North East Leaf Magazine The recent regional Cannabis magazine featuring expert grower and author Danny Danko formerly of High Times and host of the popular podcast Grow Bud Yourself.

The Summit hosts private events, and probably worth pointing out that entrance to this private clubhouse does require membership. Not a big deal though they will sort you out when you arrive.

IMG_20210206_204807091_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

The summit is a surprisingly cool, 420-friendly, dank nugget of cannacentric community outreach and facilitation.

IMG_20210206_205037882_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

with interesting art

photo by Joey SLLiks

and decor and a warm, fuzzy vibe.

IMG_20210206_204635328.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

Plus I was pretty excited to see The one and only RICK NAYA

IMG_20210206_194609399.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

the Great Grandfather of Hybrid and the Man behind the highly propagated genetics of the strain, Gainesville Green,

naya.jpeg. spy agency image search result

If you think you've never heard of Rick or his notable strain, what you probably don't know is that Gainesville Green is one of the original strains utilized in early hybrid breeding and has been determined to be a constituent of many of today's most beloved highbrids

IMG_20210206_204754338.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

Rick is a tremendous individual and very active in the cannabis arena. He is very forward thinking and just released his own line of grow lights.

IMG_20210206_194646411_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

Some folks from City Slickers genetics , who were winners in last year's contest,

image result from spy agency search

were in attendance and came with what I assume was their previous years entry..

IMG_20210206_204718632_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

Beautiful little dankies to say the least

you know I squeezed one of those buds so tight that my fingers smelled like that amazingly sort of spicy/woodsy terpish delight

IMG_20210206_213415995_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

even after the waffle fries.

IMG_20210207_190918901_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

from the neighboring Wings over Woostah!

IMG_20210206_213434158.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

the local chicken dinner winter winner.

IMG_20210206_214005271.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

while waiting for my order at Wings over Woostah's I realize that their friendly neighbor is none other than , what I'm assuming is a small batch craft cannabis shop .."Insomnia Cookies" ,... all things considered not a bad neighborhood

IMG_20210206_214521221.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

and I definitely like Blue Cookies, Pink Cookies, Platinum Cookies, Girlscout Cookies, and so I figured I'd like insomnia cookies as well, and I cann tell from the name clearly an "indica".

IMG_20210206_204710635.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

So I go in for some "insomnia cookies"

IMG_20210206_214351488.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

WTF weed transaction fail
Total bait and switch is actually a bakery.

IMG_20210206_214218555_HDR.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

I mean I less than reluctantly bought some BAKED good goods


and lucky for me

IMG_20210207_115800918.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

I just happened to have a wedding cake preroll,

IMG_20210206_214213630.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

which is actually Pink Cookies, but why be so cryptic.

IMG_20210206_204532989.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

I mean Don't beat around the bush,

IMG_20210206_204537520.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

as it were.

IMG_20210206_205111986.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

The Summit Lounge ...Highly Recommended

IMG_20210206_213954030.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

.....Wings over Woostah and

IMG_20210206_215505881.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

Insomia Cookies as well.

IMG_20210206_204657307.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

IMG_20210206_204544662.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

IMG_20210206_213502401.jpg photo by Joey SLLiks

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