Paul must have been hungry....for wheel.

last year

When Paul Revere rode from Boston to Concord, it seems as though he stopped at Lexington to refresh himself at Sam Adams’ house.


Well as it were, today I find myself in need of some refreshment out in Lexington Massachusetts, famously home of the shot heard round the world as well as that amazing farm stand and deli, the Wagon Wheel.


But instead of looking to that popular pub patriot, Samuel Adams, I am instead looking to my special friend, the incomparable Mary Jane, and good news, I have a fresh quarter of Sour Apple on deck.


The Wagon Wheel is, in the summertime, a very busy greenhouse and flower shop.


We regularly keep plants in the cupholders of our vehicles because it helps keep the air quality high Whereas air fresheners are typically very toxic although, there are exceptions.


It’s obviously a lot easier to keep a lush carden in the summer but When it’s cold in the winter, I will switch from leafy green plants and succulents to conifers and try to keep them alive through March.


The wagon wheel has amazing deli sandwiches and they’re very popular here in town, so there’s usually a line and if you’re short on time, they keep “prerolls”


in their refrigerator case that don’t taste like refrigerated sandwiches kept in a refrigerator case. Whatever they’re doing it is working out pretty good, and they never have sandwiches left at closing time.


The guys working the deli at wagon wheel are pretty funny, always like to spend time joking around with whoever is in the deli service line,


and it’s always a good time over there. In the store and greenhouse they have such weird stuff


I get eucalyptus here when Trader Joe’s is out as well as other leafy green plants for the vehicle, especially in the warm weather months.


While the store, in the winter, is quite a different experience,


It’s very pleasant inside their Green house section of their retail garden shop.


Besides the awesome deli, They also have a produce section


and a meat section


as well as a section for bakery items, where you can get organically raised beef chicken and pork as well as pastries from local area farms and kitchens.


Before going in, we rolled up some of the sour apple with some wax and one of them hemp big boys from zigzag and we were zoooted !


So I’ll be lucky if I escape without a slew of impulse buys

to join me in liberty of course, on the way back down old route 2


on the foggy drive east to the Sea.


[Photos by JoeySLLiks]


Note....this is not the seedy motorlodge, of the same name

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I'll keep a zooted song within my heart..... : )

Mmm wagon wheel 🤤