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6 months ago


So I had to make a trip over to the grow shop today for some supplemental soil and a couple of other things, so I went to Harvest Moon out in Foxboro, near the stadium.


I like this shop because you can go there and ask them annoying questions and they’ll even pretend like to you LOL


They also from time to time, stock used lighting systems and tents and they always have tools and additives and hard to find books good selection of fiskars etc


And next-door to harvestmoon is Bapu G’s Sandwiches and Kebabs


I really like Indian food and ganja together. It is worth noting that cannabis is significant in Indian culture, and Bapu G’s is definitely authentic Indian fast food. Very good, fresh and high-quality ingredients and authentic flavors.


I was pretty zooted off this Sour Amnesia and definitely 16D532A0-4F2E-4352-B84D-184BB304F75C.jpegready to eat as many Veggie Pakoras as I could(deep fried battered veggies).

.....look at this guy , I need a seat like that.


They do amazing kebabs and all the typical food you’d expect to see at an Indian restaurant


I.e. Chicken Tiki Masala, Garlic Naan, Samosa, plus I always get a side of rice with tamarind and xxxhot sauce.


The guys here are super cool so I always enjoy hanging out for a bit and chatting with them.


if you’re ever going to Harvest Moon don’t get too high and forget to stop by for some kebabs on the way out (been there :|)… Bapu Gs.

Highly recommended

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What the!!! Looks really amazing. Keep on planting

Ohh man looks so freaking good 🤟