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Weed Week had run this article a few months ago

There is so much to the legalization effort underway state by state and nobody has been more vocal on legalization than that Superstar of Reggae and the fight for human rights, Peter Tosh.


Watch The International Peter Tosh Day presentation

420 means many things to many people, and to fans of reggae music, it is among other things, a day to honor that great hero of humanity, Mr Peter Tosh. In fact April 20th has been re-dubbed .. International Peter Tosh Day, for any who wish to honor the day, as such.

Peter Tosh has greatly contributed to the world at large. His music has aged exceedingly well, and his message even better. Peter Tosh spoke about human rights and the unfair treatment of whole people groups because of their rightful use of the seed bearing herb, known as Cannabis.

Interstingly enough, and lucky for us, Peter Tosh's youngest Daughter Niambe, an official Bostonian and one of it's public school teachers, is now a board member of a legal cannabis shop in Boston's Jamaica Plain Neighborhood.


This dispensary, Seed, is unique in that it is also a museum focused on the wide spread and long lasting effects of the unconstitutional enforcement of the prohibition of the use of cannabis in the last century.

click here for the link to the video on youtube

Seed and The Core Cannabis Museum seek to reduce stigma, and educate folks on the importance of cannabis and it's pot-ential for healing humans and helping humanity.


Niambe MacIntosh, and her family( including the Marleys and the Wailers ) and their pro human rights organizations, are active in the fight for justice, both personally and in honor of their heroic, astute, and insightful father. She has stated that the Tosh family knows Peter would be very active in our current fight against seemingly relentless police brutality. Tosh's classic reggae hit song of the 1970's, Legalize it

is nothing short of an anthem for the effort toward legalization. A song pointing out the hypocrisy of the professionals who use cannabis while promoting its prohibition and the squandering of its known medical uses, in spite of the documentation of it's long history of medicinal use by such westerners as Sir William Brooke O'Shaughnessy, Ireland's Health Chief from the mid 1800s, as well as Israel's Rafael Macoulem in our more modern times.


There has been mountains of data on the significance of the endo-cannabinoid system as it relates to human health


and it is becoming clear to medical professionals, that many folks are suffering from a Cannabinoid deficiency.


MacIntosh, a local educator here in Boston, has been intricately involved in the CORE Cannabis Museum at SEED. For the past few years, she primarily had been at her brother Jawara's side, as he was in recovery from an injury sustained while incarcerated for cannabis possession charges in New Jersey. Sadly his injury led to his unfortunate and untimely passing last year while in the care of his family members.


Niambe, who seems to put the active into activism as a hobby, made hemp history last winter when she was credited as the first legal recreational cannabis customer in the city of Boston. Her purchase kicked off the opening of Boston's first legal cannabis dispensary Pure Oasis.


She was there as proxy for Jawara as well, and once she answered a barrage of questions from excited reporters, said she was leaving to go bring her brother the eighth of TJ she had purchased, the first eighth of legal cannabis here in the Hub of New England.

Jawara is suspected to have been racially profiled while in New Jersey and as a result, wound up getting unconstitutionally convicted on alleged possession of cannabis charges. While in custody, another inmate brutally attacked him, leaving him unable to care for himself.


The criminals of cannabis are the ones locking up it's users in cages. Cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional unwarranted and the cause of many forms of pollution as well as disease and death.


Cannabis cultivation was the first law of the north american colonies going back to the Jamestown settlement in 1599.


When the Mayflower landed in 1620 (aka420pm) the Pilgrims on board had made the difficult journey by way of cannabis powered ships, while covered in cannabis clothing and with cannabis seeds on board. They had plans to grow lots of cannabis to ship back home to the crown. The hub's hemp history is significant in the history of the so called free world and served as a supplier to the many ships of the new world.


Boston has had legal medicinal cannabis for about 10 years and recreational since 2016. Dispensaries have finally started opening up, yet many feel that although the legalization effort heavily relied on the case that the disproportionate and unjust enforcement of cannabis laws on specific communities needed to be addressed


and as a result, promised that these communities would be given a seat at the weed table, the majority of licenses issued have been to large well funded multi state operators who are swooping in and playing the "cost of doing business " game as a work around and contrary to the stated intentions of the Bay State voters who voted for canna-change


The short sighted legislators over at the goldadrome on Beacon, have made elected officials king makers of their respective municipalities .. effectively enabling extortion.





While things are getting better we aren't where we need to be.
Legalization is one thing, but we need to fully deregulate and Decriminalize the herb that we are commanded to eat in the Torah's book of Genesis, where in the very first chapter, we are told ALL OF the seed bearing herbs are good, and are commanded to make ALL the seed bearing herbs our food.


Rest In Peace Peter and Jawara Tosh

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