It was mad BURRR-ito, so i went in ... Fa' Heatah

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photo by Joey SLLiks

One of the hidden jewels of the Boston area's ever growing burrito scene,

photo by Joey SLLiks

is over by the Suffolk University campus

photo by Joey SLLiks

and Ashburton Place, which made a dramatic cameo in The film The Departed.

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People of Boston tend to love the Departed. and so it's worth mentioning that there is a scene in the film where Matt Affleck chases Leo DiCaprius around the corduroy concrete complex,

photo by Joey SLLiks

well that's Viva Burrito's Neighbah..

photo by Joey SLLiks

Viva Burrito first opened this location in Boston's West End in 1996, and the food has always been incredible. Personally I really like the steak fajita . Very high quality content every time.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Usually I place the order and then go smoke a little fronto blunt in this neighborhood somewhere, somewhat inconspicuously. ...or not ...whatever :) The TD Garden/North Station, and Suffolk County Courthouse and Mass general are all nearby and so there is no problem finding a section of dead space to politely spark up around here.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Viva Burrito is owned by the same guy making your food and he definitely cares about the end user experience.. He's a super good dude and pretty funny.

photo by Joey SLLiks

He prides his shop on the quality of the products he uses, and the authenticity of the food he puts out. Everything is fresh and the selection of menu items is great.

photo by Joey SLLiks

He has beer and wine and sangria available and even a salsa and hot pepper bar, when "Covid" isn't a restriction. :(

photo by Joey SLLiks

The restaurant is very clean and the murals are fun.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Place smells amazing and is a great source of fresh smoothies and imported Jarritos sodas.

photo by Joey SLLiks

I have a family member in town tonight who wanted to grab some food and smoke some weed in the old part of the city.

photo by Joey SLLiks

He was staying on the 35th floor of one of the hotels in town,

photo by Joey SLLiks

It was a little cold out, but his spot had a great view, so we just chilled out in the hotel room and did the sketchy move of blowing clouds of zombie virus out of the slightly opened window. I will say it is a perfect strain for keeping it low key, and looking at some city lights. Always the tour guide, I made him listen to a famous Miles Davis recording that had been recorded in this neighborhood, in the early 70's, and at the legendary Paul's Mall

photo by Joey SLLiks

while over looking the city, originally famous for it's hemp rope and associated industry.

photo by Joey SLLiks

for the Record He was totally impressed with the fajita and the ganja. It's always good to see family, get zooted and eat food. He came through with these chocolate kisses from Mr Miyagi. which i gotta say were pretty potent, considering how small they are.


you know what they say

photo by Joey SLLiks

...When fam, is your guy and your dude,

photo by Joey SLLiks

Grab a cam, Go get high, and some food.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Viva Burrito...Highly recommended

photo by Joey SLLiks

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I loved the places and view you shared.


thanks friend :)