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PHENOCUP 2020 Harmony Maine

This years Pheno Cup was postponed and had a location change, but they put on a great event and we were able to go enjoy all the fun with some great folks up in Maine.


PHENOCUP 2020 at Freedom Field Harmony Maine

The 2020 Pheno Cup Looks To Expand
Can you lead us into any insight as to what will happen this year as opposed to last year?

“This year we added solvent lists and edibles. As well as our Pheno hunt.”

“We’re looking for people to grow and bring the fire and find that proper Pheno. So, for prizes, we have a gift certificate and a trophy. Hybrid categories will get to work with breeders to name the strain! City slickers genetic and a few surprise prizes will be issued to the winners. The winner gets to smoke an amalgamation of all the losers weed wrapped into one.”

The date for the postponement will be for August 6-8th of 2021 for the festival portion.

While this year has brought many issues for hosting events, next year plans to be bigger and better. The plan for this year is to take a step back. We want to gather support from local vendors. We would also like to have a solid network for those looking to promote themselves within the cannabis community.

Congratulations to our 2020 pheno cup winner
Joe The Champion from City Slickers Genetics

Congratulations to our 2020 pheno cup winner for solvent's
Heather Marie Brown


Congratulations to our 2020 pheno cup winner for edibles Mary Palmer with their infused pickles


Congratulations to our 2020 pheno cup Indica and Sativa winner
Mark Huard


Congratulations to our 2020 pheno cup hybrid winner
Jeremy Borjeson


Special Thanks to Rick Naya The Great Grandfather of Hybrids

Check out the Rick Naya Show

Check out the Rick Naya Show

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Loved the interviews. Great way to spend Saturday 😊Thank you for sharing 💚


It was a great day up there in the mountains

Most excellent. You have the best Youtube Channel on the Planet.


That’s a very generous compliment thank you

Infused pickles?? Now that sounds like something I could see myself crunching on! :D I love infused foods, but I sure do love the crunch of a good pickle!


I wanted those pickles so bad but wasnt able to get any at the event :|