In spite of it being 31°, it was a Pleasant evening

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last year

[photo by JoeySlliks]

Sometimes you get food at an event, sometimes the food is the event.9FDC2F23-C921-42F3-9EC6-33ECD7B0F42B.jpeg
[photo by Joey SLLiks]

It’s a great time of year when people in Roslindale (Raw-z) finally invite you over for bong hits of some equally tasty and mellow PineApple Chunk, followed by a trip over to the famous Pleasant Café, which has been there longer than any of the other “Pizza Parlors” in Roslindale.
[photo by Joey Slliks]

From the outside the place is like a beacon of hope, seemingly giving off heat, as you enter into this somewhat hidden neighborhood of Boston, whose glorious Art Deco street sign complete with the famously Brilliant Neon glow, is Probably the most photographed object in the whole neighborhood, and the last of the classic landmarks along Boston’s elusive Washington Street, heading south up to Dedham.
[photo by Joey SLLiks]

We went with the pepperoni garlic and jalapeño pepper pizza and it was amazing.

if you would risk a case of the spins the place has a full bar and classic neighborhood vibe.!

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

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Hell yeah that place has been there forever


classic Boston spot.