I got a fast Car-vel. You've got a cookiepuss to anywhere.

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9 days ago

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One of my first memories in life was walking to the local ice cream shop.

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In my case it was a Carvel, and it was walking distance to the apartment building complex we lived in.


We went there pretty often, so as far as the screem goes,

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Carvel is my baseline.

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When any of the neighborhood youth had a birthday party

Last 12 Months - 7263.jpg

you were sure to see a cookie puss or two
Last 12 Months - 7265.jpg

or if you were so fortunate

Last 12 Months - 7266.jpg

...fudgy the whale.

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At some point the many Carvel shops in the Boston area went away and seemed to have left all those cakes in the frozen section of the supermarket.

Last 12 Months - 7259.jpg

The cakes were still available, but the shop had seemingly all but vanished.


The Beastie Boys made Cookie Puss a little famous,


for a few short lived years before the millenium, and that was kind of that, for Carvels exposure to the lime-light.

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I don't know anybody who has purchased a carvel ice cream cake since the shops disappeared, and I'm pretty sure when you get the cake from out of the frozen isle display cases,

Last 12 Months - 7270.jpg

they are somehow served sans l'essance de Carvel. Im not sure why . ALL I know is, the cakes from the supermarkets or convenience stores are somehow ... "less than".

Last 12 Months - 7258.jpg

Here in the store, I was getting pretty excited about all the frozen possibilities, as well as a bit nostalgic. While passing through Connecticut, I have to admit,I was surprised to see this freeze baked relic. As it were, I was definitely pretty zooted from this Lemon Haze I was smoking on,


and so I was unable to not, not brake, for CookiePuss.


nobody wanted to go in on a Cookie O'Puss with me. It is well established that these cakes don't travel well, (outside of a freezer) so i kept it real with the little Ice cream sandwich circle, just like back in the day.

Last 12 Months - 7271.jpg

But I'll be back ...oh yes I'll be back

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