Hmart...Pretty sure the H stands for High

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last month

hmart - 88.jpg

One of the time savers in life I enjoy taking advantage of is restaurants that are also grocery stores.

hmart - 80.jpg

Welcome to Hmart

hmart - 01.jpg

So, over here is the ramen section

hmart - 75.jpg

If your here for prepared food this section is available

hmart - 03.jpg

and If you're hoping to grab some groceries, this is the grocery store section

hmart - 05.jpg

This is a Eureeka Vape cart (Amber) with Blue Dream very nice strain and I do love Eureekas

...SO this is primarily an asian food store so they have some interesting items from "overseas"

hmart - 08.jpg
wow Shin...what a popular flavor

hmart - 10.jpg

I always like to grab some produce that i find to be somewhat unfamiliar

hmart - 11.jpg

lots of mushroom varieties in these places

hmart - 13.jpg

also a pretty good supply of bongs

hmart - 18.jpg

and a great fish section

hmart - 19.jpg

hmart - 23.jpg

hmart - 25.jpg

this mayo seems fishy as well

hmart - 30.jpg

Haitian Crackers seem fun

hmart - 33.jpg

warning this place is a bit of a rabbit hole

hmart - 32.jpg

so be sure to give yourself plenty of time

hmart - 35.jpg

If you are going to make the trip for supersoda

hmart - 63.jpg

or some old New England Vermont Curry

hmart - 49.jpg

When's a good time for some xylitol

hmart - 44.jpg

hmart - 37.jpghmart - 58.jpghmart - 38.jpg

The tuna game though

hmart - 53.jpg

hmart - 57.jpg

hmart - 65.jpg

SO being an Asian market I knew I might find some Hello Kitty Merch but I wasnt prepared for this score

hmart - 48.jpg

Not only did they have that but also some new San Rio characters I hadn't seen before.

hmart - 59.jpg
hmart - 56.jpg

hmart - 71.jpg

So there are a few HMarts around the Boston Area, This one is in Cambridge near Central Square. I like this location because they also have a well known legal graffiti alley(Modica Way) on the same block

hmart - 84.jpg

hmart - 81.jpg

hmart - 85.jpg

hmart - 90.jpg

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Cool, been ages since I've been to a supermarket of any variety, dang pandemic lol

they have shabu shabu ingredients and meat there. That is the stuff!!


ill try next

Awesome picture 😊H for high for sure 💚


thanks for the KIND words :)


My pleasure 😊💚