Hay Ladies!

15 days ago

If you’re new to town, you might not know that if someone, just after last call, asks you if you’d like to hit the hay,

{image by Joey SLLiks]

they might be asking you if you want to go to the Farm stand.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

Now it probably isn’t the case, but it could be because that’s exactly when America’s Original farmers market, Haymarket sets up shop,

{image by Joey SLLiks]

and it gets set up right on the Blackstone Street and Union block, by THE GREEN DRAGON TAVERN over in the pint district.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

If you weren't aware, The GREEN DRAGON tavern was the official meeting place of the Sons of Liberty, where they would meet and discuss how to get out of the bondage of Mercantilism and British rule.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

While over 300 years old, Boston formally established the event in the mid 1800s, when it is reported that Minister William Blackstone first allowed people to congregate on his land and trade hay, as well as industrial cannabis.

{image by Haymarket.org / Haymarket project]

Boston's original open air produce has been an active farmers market ever sinse(milla).

{image by Joey SLLiks]

unless of course, the weather gets too rough for the even veteren tough skinned regular customers to show up, or when we’re having one of them “snow-mergencies”

{image by Joey SLLiks]

The private vendors who come here, get here very early and stay until they’re out of vegetables.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

It’s a huge gamble, and if they don’t sell enough produce they stand to lose a ton of money,

{image by Joey SLLiks]

but can make good money if they can market their products well.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

Boston's Haymarket captures a very distinct aspect of the city's interrelational culture. To an outsider, the vibe may seem somewhat rude.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

It’s definitely entertaining and great for people watching.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

It’s full of Yankee CHAHHM

{image by Joey SLLiks]

and if you wait around long enough you’re sure to see somebody offended, ;)

{image by Joey SLLiks]

It's a well established fact that on weekends, the bars at Faneuil Hall have somewhat of the classic meat-market vibe.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

For the most part, It’s a beer fueled 20 something, college time extravaganza but It’s also home to The country’s oldest tavern.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

The Bell in Handopened in 1795 has been serving drinks to the English settlers turned patriots, who broke free of the Crown's control.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

The Haymarket in It’s current state is more recent in Boston’s history, but the tradition of the Haymarket and Faneuil hall goes way back to a time when the water came right up to the shores, at the foot of the Boston common, it’s original home.

{image by Ron G. of Quincy]

Originally the market event was held on the Charles st. side. Bostonians in those days raised a great deal of hay, mostly as feed for their animals, especially the horses, As well as for thatching for the roofs of their homes.

{image by Ron G. of Quincy]

Most of this crop Was grown in the many area marshlands, which were abundant. Even today in parts of areas like East Boston and Quincy the march area is still significant.

{image by Ron G. of Quincy]

You can still see in these areas that they are home to a variety of wildlife.

{image by Ron G. of Quincy]

On any given weekend morning you can still go to Haymarket

{image by haymarket . org]

and engage in the tradition of bartering and haggling for fresh vegetables.

{image by haymarket . org]

You know it’s ridiculous that cannabis isn’t sold like tomatos there’s no reason for it not to be.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

As I’m walking around the farmers market this morning, and after all the young drunks have found places to be, I'm finally alone with my incredibowl I have it packed full of some sour apple and am casually puffing on giant clouds of freedom. It is not lost on me, howeve,r that there are many people who are being locked in cages for doing this very activity. There are many children who are not allowed to recieve treatment for childhood cancer, it's deadly treatments, as well as other treatable and debilatating problems like epilepsy, glaucoma, and a myriad of skin conditions.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

You know, watching the Weekend Late Night crowd finally leave their drinking holes, however begrudgingly, and have stopped all that peeing on the corners and throwing up everywhere, it’s not hard to see how unhealthy of a habit binge alcohol consumption really is.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

The question I am left to ponder is why is it so promoted in the mainstream culture? Why is cannabis so demonized? How are people so stigamatized and prejudiced against the truth.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

With Cannabis, it's users typically don’t throw up, probably won’t pee on anything that they wouldn’t pee on if they weren’t on cannabis, they’ll tend to make better food decisions, and will probably realize that the dirty drunk girls/dudes are gross.

{image by Joey SLLiks]

How do you like them apples?


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I know, RIGHT! You could like walk up to any stand and just pay in your last grow 🤯

Never been much of a drinker and when I do its only for the sake of "putting the pain away" which might be why I never seem to enjoy it 😅

If I could go back to any period of time and experience life for a day, I would so go back to the 1800's not sure exactly what event I would want to witness but that era has always held my intrigue,...

Awesome shots buddy 👌


Thank you sir, that’s exactly right. Raw cannabis crops were treated equal to cash in terms of value for trading

Oh man.... great tour of Boston. Greatest city on Earth. I love it there. I need to go back. I remember after visiting Faneuil Hall and Cape Cod I wanted a giant grasshopper (cricket) weather vane for the roof of my house. Could not find one back in Canada so I settled for a Whale. Our house looks out of place here in Suburban Ontario.... surrounded in Boxwood, old whiskey barrels for rain catchers and a whale weathervane on the roof. My heart is in Boston.... and Nantucket.


The summers on the Islands are amazing. You know in the harbor there’s a bunch of islands and you can camp on some of them. If you sneak bikes on you can ride them once the Rangers go home

although they don’t allow you to ride on the islands while range as a present. The cool thing is you’re there by yourself middle of the night riding on these amazing bike trails with nobody except for deer some even with antlers running around with you....For me and my son to camp overnight it was like $10...And we ended being able to poach an available yurt, While only having paid for a tenting site



That sounds amazing. We always rent bikes from the Australians working at Nantucket harbour.

Nice article of Boston's North End one of my favorite places to be in the city great food and people next to the (Boston Accent) harbor view lol great points about the benefits of marijuana also

Awesome pictures, i enjoyed reading your post...binge drinking was never my thing...but smoking cannabis it sure damn is!!! 😁


Thanks so much and for checking in ....

I’m bad at binge drinking. Chunk city everytime :|


Damn right about the binge drinking but smoking is definitely my forte too


That’s one of the biggest killers of Americans, binge drinking is just one of them soft kills so it’s not so apparent

Wolves are such beautiful and dangerous creatures. It's nice to see that it was live and let live and maybe take a picture along the way this time. :) I like that. My favorite part of the whole post! I guess the sour apple pot nugz container was pretty awesome too! :P