Happy Hemp Day!

last year

Ill be working on the Happy Hemp Day campaign today.


Just secured anotherHappyhempday.com
and made these image cards that i will try to get disaplayed in head shops later today, and then moving forward, on upcoming Weed-nesdays.

Want to help?
Great! Just follow these 3 easy-peazy steps.

   1)Wish everybody you come across a "Happy Hempday!" today.

   2)Don't respond to "HAPPY HUMPDAY" greetings without rolling your eyes or 
     making some facial expression of passive aggression and en email to H.R.

   3)Utilize a hemp based product today.  

        i.e. Hemp derived plastic, Hemp Rolling Paper, hemp oil, 
       Pot Nuggets, Hashish,  Distillate, Keif, that collection of old 
       roaches in your sock drawer, that filmy splotch of black 
       sticky resin, that got stuck on the protective screen of your
       iphone case,  collection of loose bag seeds...etc.

#happyhempday #camelcuture #humpday #Weednesday

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Now my favourite day of the week.... happy Hemp Day from Canada. Thanks for your Positivity


word up

I like your whole take on this about how if we use the word more, it might bring more conscious awareness about the qualities of hemp to the forefront of people's minds. Definitely a good tactic and a simple one to stick with! Happy HempDay!!

  ·  last year

Responding to "happy hump day" with passive agression.... nice.....happy HEMP day y'all.....like the image card design !

I first read "hump day" 😂😂😂


Of course, That’s why we are aiming to co-opt it. Humpday exists within the collective culture but I think we can flip it for our advantage and use it as a platform to increase our visibility... we’re not trying to get people to adopt a new holiday we’re just simply trying to change the vowel sound from “UH” to “EH” ....I’m not even against humping per se I mean new advancements in cannabis based technology has shown that hemp can even improve the humpin’