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Everybody knows

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

if you want proper bagels, don’t go to Dunkin‘ Donuts. Not hating on the corporate coffee overlord, but over there, a bagel is (un)just a donut that they made to taste “boiled”.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

For real Brooklyn NY style bagels, we need to go to the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Brookline's, Coolidge Corner.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

Over on Harvard Street, across from the Israel bookstore, is the always busy, Kupels Bagels.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

Now if you haven’t been, you knead to get o-ver there for a couple bagels.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

Somewhat off topic but still potentially relevant...

  • a couple of Massachusetts Bay gulls, coping bagels

from a cop,

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and a “bae” girl.

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[photo by JoeySLLiks]

So it seems as bagels are an old tradition within modern Judaism, but maybe not as old as cannabis.

Many scholars argue that Greek word Cannabis was actually derived from the Hebrew Kaneh Boshem , which means fragrant reed and goes way, way back to a time, close to 7000 years ago, where we see in the Jewish Torah, an ideology that supports and accepts, the mandated use of the green seed bearing plant that grows on the earth which interstingly enough seems to be, in our modern times, healing the nations.

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I remember when Reggae artist Matisyahu dropped his album Live At Stubbs. The popular and successful album Surprised most people with it's amazing “Caribbean” sound and its seemingly odd juxtapositioning against his Chassidic appearance .

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

It was by exploring his music, that I better understood the judaic influence of reggae.

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A long-time listener of The Wailers, I was well aware of Bob Marley’s self proclaimed alignment with the tribe of Judah,

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And the connection to RaS Tafari Makonnen ( Haile Selassie 1) of Ethiopia....his coronation and role in prophetic fulfillment, as he was directly descended from King Solomon.

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In The Torah, The foundational book of Judaism describes the origin of the created earth, and teaches that the earth and its growth was specifically designed for it's created inhabitants, people and animals, and to support their life needs, which includes of course food. Historically, and as an ancient source of food, cannabis enters the scene early in our earth's history.

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Similarly Chinese and Indian cultures are recorded as having been also utilizing the plant, around this same time period.

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In the book of Exodus, we see Moses and Aaron making the Holy Anointing Oil, using what many scholars believe to be cannabis myrrh cinnamon olive oil and a number of other ingredients. This oil played a huge part in the Judaism of the ancient world.

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7000 years ago hemp was a very important plant. All the canvas was hemp derived in those days as because flax had not been used in the making of linen until about 700 AD.

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In the amazing recorded history of the Jewish people, from the book of Exodus, we see the Hebrew Israelites wandering the wilderness with their tabernacle.


The tabernacle, a portable temple, was used before Hebrew Israelites were able to build the actual temple in Jerusalem.

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As the main part of the tabernacle, there were a number of large canvas panels, which were hung on a wooden frame and covered by what seems to be a badger skin. According to some scholars, these linen panels were the most important part of the tabernacle and were 100% made of hemp fiber.

You know with all this amazing hemp history around Judaism I guess it’s probably high time to smoke some weed. This morning I have a great morning sativa strain with me, Super Lemon Haze.

[image by JoeySLLiks]

Before shlepping over to Kupels, for a schmear, I decided to take a second to enjoy the relative shalom of the city, in the early morning

[image by JoeySLLiks]

[image by JoeySLLiks]

[image by JoeySLLiks]

and now that it's kosher to do so,
take this log

[image by JoeySLLiks]

for a wok

[image by JoeySLLiks]

Well, No surprise, I stayed true to my long established "bagel" favorite. The Jalapeño with veggie cream cheese, tomatoes, and onions. I have a hard time passing through Coolidge corner this time a day, without stopping in for one these things. I definitely would recommend the trip to Kupels, for anybody in town, searching for an authentic bagel shop, and not those badly boiled donuts over at Dunkin', that taste like wood.....

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...or was it a duck ? I can’t remember which

#tokingthehighroad #kanehboshem

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"Now if you haven’t been, you knead to get o-ver there for a couple bagels."

You're a pun-ny man! ;D

It's interesting seeing your posts and somewhat second-hand experiencing your endeavors.

Super Lemon Haze is a great strain for that as well! At least it usually is for me! It's very energetic and uplifting when I smoke it. I always feel as though I have far more energy after a nice fat bowl or two!


Absolutely ....Also I like everything lemon

Enjoy your "fragrant reed". : ) I also love anything lemon btw.


I’ve been enjoying adding lemon and lime drops To the bong water

The jalpeno bagel sounds tasty ! Another great post,thanks.....


Thanks meng

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Why don’t you eat a bag of shit dickhead