Fronto KIng and Sizzla ..BEST OF BOSTON 24-7-365

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photo by Joey SLLiks

24 hour shops are hard to come by these days,

photo by Joey SLLiks

The Roslindale section of Boston is blessed with a 24hr DD and

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Best of Boston service station and minimart.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Best of Boston used to be known as "Stop -n- Gas"

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and the remaining ol' timers, in this part of town, still refer to it as such ...30yrs later. The official Stop n' Gas still has at least 1 other location, which is at the Washington Street. intersection of Gallivan Blvd. in the nearby Boston Neighborhood of Dorchester.

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One of the best things about Stop and Gas/ B.O.B. is they still play an early version of that ol' prize claw game.

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How it works is ...The attendant gets out of his seat and goes over to one of the clearly designated sections (by item type) of the fully visible from outside mini mart store.

photo by Joey SLLiks

What you do is you direct him, with your finger in a left/ right, up /down kind of way ....a little antiquated, but you win every time.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Fronto King is a local company. They humbly started out in a Malden basement and now have grown into a large building in the city of Champions, Brockton MA, bringing with it, many good jobs into the community.

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Frontos are tobacco leaves. Fronto Kings source their tobacco from D.R. (Dom. Repub.)
They are very popular here in New England.

photo by Joey SLLiks

Sizzla Kanlonji is an amazing and hard working reggae artist. He is a local favorite, has a strong fan base here in the bean, playing Boston at least annually.

Remarkably, Sizzla has put out an insane amount of records, in a relatively short amount of time.

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Sizzla is now Fronto King's brand ambassador and I'm all about it. :)

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Stop and Gas B.O.B. also sells hoop-d whips

photo by Joey SLLiks

and the official Sizzla frontos from Fronto King

photo by Joey SLLiks

I don't front...just FRONT-O-KING i used to like Rizla but now i only F's with Wiz and the Sizzla thing .


photo by Joey SLLiks

Best of Boston Sizzla and Fronto King... Highly Recomended

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