Friday to Sundae ...The weed can

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9 months ago

A beautiful start to a nice weekend here in Boston and some of the shops have even opened up, especially the important ones, like where you can go to get bongs


and ice cream.

I make a trip over to Jamaica Plain licks every now and then because I know that they’ll usually have at least one hemp-based ice cream. The last time I was in they had pot stash - EO and great news, today they have P nugg budd- er


There’s not too many places that I’ve been able to score much High ‘scream.

I used to be able to get it in the freezer of some overpriced health food store for one particular brand, “TEMPT”.


Sadly, While I can still find tempt milk, I can’t find Tempt ice cream anymore and it’s rather unfortunate because it was my favorite ice cream of all time .


However the good news, and I find comfort in this as a sort of consolation, JP licks will do a whole hemp ice cream cake, which I’ve had many times and and this months flavor is that P-nugg budd er we talked about

9385BFBC-A808-4955-92AA-CEC8C374640A.jpeg fact 72 hours from now I could have an ice cream cake ready to go which would get me into Monday


And That’s fine because I already have a ice cream plans for this Sunday as it were and really, If I were to be honest, I have no business being an ice cream store at allAC8C931C-8526-447A-A4BC-19D2C99FD886.jpeg

But I’ve been smoking this tangerine dream and


I’ve gotten myself a little bit thirsty all this hot weed smoke is making me think I should get some cool treats, like a nice cream sundae made of hemp seeds,


Hemp Ice cream is one of the few versions of ice cream that is made with such redeeming healthy ingredients that are so good for your body ....Like protein fiber Omega’s and amino acids


So actually I’m being quite responsible


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Another great trip to JP’s I see. I need to look for this here ‘High Scream’