Dino’s. The way it has to be. I like it!

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Ever have dinner in Boston ?


If so the odds are that you had it in the “North End” section.


The North End (of the Shawmut Penninsula) has great historical value here in Bean Town, still has streets and buildings that date back to the Massachusetts Bay colony daze


The Old North Church is here, famous for Paul Revere’s iconic ride, and his warning of the British arrival to Dorchester Bay, as well as the location of his actual home which you can still visit.


...legend has it, that he’s not there anymore and Is sadly reported to be deceased.


Since the days of Paul Revere, the neighborhood has had a change of face. The silver lining, being that in place of the colonial era homes that once lined the streets, there is an abundance of Italian restaurants as the north end was the place many newly arrived Italian immigrants called home.


Many of the restaurants are pretty high -end and you will feel out of place, if you’re not appropriately dressed for formal dining. You will also need a reservation to be made well in advance on the weekends, and especially when the weather is nice.


In between all the Italian fine dining, are a few places that you can just go into and order food straight away, in full slob attire and with no reservation.


Because it is a waterfront community pre-rolls are your best bet, regarding smoking al fresco style here in this part of town, so Tonight I’ve rolled up a mix of De La Haze, Sour Amnesia and Dark Star, fizrd together with the help of some sugar wax and a long zigzag hemp rolling paper.

One of my favorite of these places is called Dino’s. Dinos is on the corner of Salem Street and Prince Street, right across the street from what is for many, ground zero, in regards to more than a few poorly made, late night dough-cision’s , that incorridgable enabler that is Bova’s bakery.


Now you can sit at a table at Dino’s but also has a sandwich counter and a great menu of Italian food. They have amazing desserts and serve beer and wine, Dino’s offers a very intimate experience and the food is amazing, Went full comfort and selected the meatball sandwich today.


Dino’s is definitely a neighborhood favorite in the area too, so when you go there you’ll see Actual North Enders doing what they like to do, talk proudly and eat loudly.


I was able to get Some audio of some pretty official north End-ers I have hidden the identities as these folks may “LEGIT” be in some witness protection program

To end I’ll I simply put it this way, the way it has to be.

Dino’s..... I like it



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Slob attire......dinos.......late night dough-cisions after smoking that 3 way mix you got going on........what dreams are made of.......: )

Yeah.... Little Italy then Mike’s for Cannoli ..... every night.



Plans for a mikes vs modern post soon



Loving it! Pizza and subs are some of my best options for food when I'm on the go and need something filling or for a group, and quickly! Boston seems like such a lovely place from all you've shared so far!


I dream of opening a sub shop that sells Small amounts of high quality cannabis ( to be consumed on the premises)...”subs and dubs”.

Maybe PotERA