Chalice in Wonderland: The hole went deep, the percolator lay smashed at the bottom only to be washed away. (exit seen ...SMOKE)

4 months ago

Every now and then I find myself in the remote outskirts of our fine State, this time somewhere between Rhode Island and MAssachusetts near the Attleboro's in the town of Rehoboth , sandwiched between dunkin' donuts and maybe a yoga studio chiro-practice.


hides one of the many ubiquitous area #smokeshops


Now the thing about the shops out here is they often have amazing deals and happy to say Wonderland is no exception to this phenomena.


Here in the age of #covid #420, everything is covered in a layer of polyurethane, which id like to say is a look I remember seeing often in the 1980s. In fairness I was around a bunch of old people




Once you finally make it past all the plastic sheeting you will see that while this place isn't huge it has a great selection of glass ware


They also have a great selection of papers and empty cigarette tubes,


scales, vapes, cbd, pipes, grinders



...all the things you'd expect to see at a good shop


The back of the store has a couple of cabinets with bongs


and I notice one bong has a 50% off sticker...says "has a small crack"


I say this Bong is 35 bucks he says yep,


I say where is the crack he says you tell me. I looked but couldn't find it. He says right there. Where the bowl goes. I then see the small crack. No big deal. I'm like "I'm in". Give him the cash, no bag.

I try hitting it on the way home but by the second hit it was super clogged. The airflow was terrible.

It has what called a percolator and it was a bad one. This really would be best as a dab rig, but ..I wanted a proper bong


So now I'm all bummed out.


Im thinking well I can use it as a vase, then it occurs to me why not do the "breakfix" move. That's where you fix something by breaking it. In this case i realized I could use the extra poles from the grow tent to break this thing and make it work.

I put the pole in the hole,



and by pressing down gently, I snapped of the percolator, which immediately fell to the vessel's base.

I then, using the long narrow pole, smashed the thing to bits by lightly tapping the pole against the bong's inner base.


The percolator was made of much thinner glass than the rest of the unit , so this method worked great.


I was able to clear out all of the resulting broken glass and Now I like this bong.


Yay! 35 bucks ..what a deal.. I even got to break it.


Wonderland Smoke Shop ...HIGHLY Recomended

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Wow!! That store looks live heaven to me 🤩💚

Chalice in wonderland........nice...



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