Breakfast at Joe’s, Had to go with my gut.

3 months ago

Well I like fried food and things prepared at nice restaurants as much as the next guy, but some days I keep it simple and get mah meals at Trader Joe’s.


I’ve gotten into drinking kombucha in the mornings, mostly because of its probiotics. I believe that maintaining a healthy gut is vital to being well.


Although I sometimes eat food that’s not known to be great for you like donuts I do believe it’s important to eat as to live. I try to keep it balanced.


This morning I’m taking the brew doctor kombucha with rosemary mint sage and green tea and live kombucha culture.


Sometimes for lunch I’ll get a salad here with a pack of tortillas I make salad wraps it’s pretty cheap and I do like their salads. I also like That you can buy single bottles of Virgils craft root beer for a dollar.


If you ever have had a juicer, you know that they’re hard to clean and they take up a lot of space and they require a lot of time to make juice. Well One thing I like about Trader Joe’s is they have freshly squeezed or pressed juice is here in the produce section and some of them aren’t even pasteurized. I like to get a carrot juice or one of their superfood juices once or twice a week. They’re only a few dollars and very good .


I also try to be sure to eat fruits and vegetables regulalry and when my favorite farm stand is closed I typically get my fruits and vegetables from Trader Joe’s. I try always have apples in case I need to smoke weed out of one, plus it’s a great food item for your teeth plus they contain natural terpenes vitamins, and fiber.

Apple pipes are one of the few methods of smoking weed that has so many health benefits.


I’m also going to be having some yogurt this morning.



I’ve been really liking this coconut yogurt and I’m going with the blueberry variety.


The move is to add some hemp hearts seeds into it Hemp is probably the most beneficial food available sold here at Joe’s. A bag of hemp hearts cost around seven dollars. They should cost a dollars. The price is wildly inflated because of importing, and its bs because we should be able to grow this right here in our country it would be so cheap and so good.


It’s so stupid that we have enabled “giant food” to keep us so Lacking in proper nutrition.


I have been enjoying this instant coffee. I make it on the go and I just add maple syrup and water to it. For the price of 2 cups of coffee, I have coffee for the whole week and sweetened with Actual maple syrup,


I keep using the same Dunkin’ Donuts plastic cup ..sometimes for a few days don’t worry though I drink alot of it don’t get funky.


I don’t always eat so well, even here at the health food store Trader Joe’s, sometimes I get donuts and pastries. They do have some good options, although I pbviously prefer fresh pastries.


....That Brooklyn Babka though



.........WTF 99c cocoa tarts.


....Oh well.



At least the weed is organic.




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Nice work as always my guy Graham

Some healthy buys for sure .I could spend some happy time browsing (and spending ) at Trader Joes.....