Beats in the Middle East

last year

My favorite Boston Area Music Venue


East of HARVARD University and in the Middle of Cambridge is THE MIDDLE EAST in the heart of Central Square.


The Middle East is an important part of Boston's robust music scene.


A central Square fixture since the mid 70's, The Middle East has been a top venue in the Boston area, as well as many local area band's first real gig.


I have really been on a joint kick lately.


Rolled another waxy one tonight with some really nice Super Lemon Haze that I have been stoked about.


Such a nice, uplifting high. and a clean tasting smoke. Tonight I'm here meeting up with a friend over in Cambridge to go hear some live Hip Hop.


so we did a (jam-master) J on the way in.


Upstairs in the "corner" of the middle East there is always live music or DJ sets to be heard,


attentive bartenders and fully stocked bar


plus that late night menu with their wifi enabled, chill vibe


and authentic lebanese vegetarian options like baba-ganoush hummus and pita,



as well as pizza and pub food.


I love coming to this neighborhood. It is very special to me.


It is in this neighborhood, that I first met the absolute love of my life, my lovely wife... back in the relative antiquity of the mid-1990's.


Don't tell those extortionists over at yelp but, I did see one roach



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Hummus is my all time favorite appetizer when it comes to mediterranean/greek food! I buy sabra roasted red pepper hummus packs by the load! I'm always up for a nice authentic atmosphere and some live music doesn't hurt either! Although, I'd probably be more apt to hang out at a dub show than rap but hey! That's just me!


Boston has a great dub scene as well Dubapocalypse is from here and they’re really good. the drummer is from the legendary Reggae band John Brown’s body and their guitarist VAN GORDON Has another side project ....amazing musicianship

That Sabra red pepper has a great flavor. Over here we have the local company Cedars and I always go with that brand just like I support our local Polar beverages for seltzer water ....I’m such a brand loyalist…. But don’t get me wrong, Sabra has come in huge for me at times and is available at places I wouldn’t have expected, and is a brand I do like.

Is it odd that my favorite picture was of the trash bin that had cool stickers all over it? It reminds me of back when I lived in Charlotte, NC where there'd be band and event stickers all over the light/electric poles! They'd be plastered all over just like that! It brings me back seeing it! :P Looks like you've got a nice little joint to enjoy your night! Hope it was a good one!


I took that picture because trash barrels and places like that are where you will find all the bands stickers, which really are like .....seeds of hope. Also something about the textures in that shot that Are unmistakenly urban. A special kind of dirty. Filth like pollen.