7th Annual "13 FOLDS" Wonderland Tea Party

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4 months ago


We literally jumped at the chance to get out and hear some live music. The folks over at 13 Folds magazine pulled off a great party in this time of Covid 19(bong hits a day).

Unfortunately we got there a little late and missed the band Papercut, who I hear was great., but I can say assuredly SOAD was "kickass".


I forgot how much I liked the band System of a down, but they did the entire catalogue justice. Notably the Drummer was on point and honestly these guys were all great players. I would have liked to have heard their originals.

Great Energy and the little "post covid" crowd was loving it.


This one girl was moshing the whole time and i felt happy just watching her (not watching her like creepy Biden, or Trump for that matter lol).


The event was done right and safety was clearly a priority. It was basically out of doors except for the swanky VIP room. Where we were they had heat columns going and warm air blasting


also it smelled exactly as a concert should.


and of course kudos to the Sound guy, who nailed it.


We Made a few new friends


and saw some old ones,


just like I like it.


Great Night out for once. lol I'm appreciative of the efforts of the people responsible for making this happen, especially these days.

......... as the expression goes,

Big Up to Golden Remedy Edibles who won the contest. They really do a great job with their product line.




and congrats to all the winners. Honestly you won if you even made it here for the event. :)


Califlow was there with their original hemp shirts and mousepads and hats




And those super chill fellows from IMG_20201024_221228723.jpg TOONBUDS, Such cool guys,


were there as well, taking advantage of the event's sponsorship opportunities.

13 Folds Magazine and their Wonderland Tea Party ....Highly Recommended.

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This is fascinating!

Love the pins 😊💚

Your posts are always entertaining and the pics are dope:D


nice of you to say ...Happy Friday :)