Happy Hemp Day!

18 days ago

Well earlier in the week I met up with the MassCann folks


They are already planning this years freedom rally, and if you are interested in volunteering, or having cannabis friends, Now is a great time to sign up and get involved.


I was trying to garner some support for my HempDayinitiative and was surprised that I was in such good company.


Another member was telling me about the day of Weedness, that should be used for some type of cannabis activity.


I gave her a bunch of HempDay fliers and she was quite pleased. Then my beans and rice came with a side of tortillas and I focused my energy on rolling up a fatty. I always order beans rice and tortillas at Mexican restaurants, it’s not because I’m cheap, it’s because I’m a diy type that appreciates a good deal.


You know what’s also a good deal? ... a membership with MassCann, plus they’ll send you a t shirt. I especially like this because I’m cheap.


Also the cake at the MassCann party.


Well after a few rounds of drinks, a bunch of folks went for a safety meeting out back. A number of torches were being passed around and so I rolled a big sloppy joint of darkstar, while Standing up, using my left hand as a tray, and having to pee. For all my effort and hardship, the little jalopy almost didn’t make it, but it eventually became a perfect roach. You know what they say ...All’s well that ends well.


I really like the people involved in this group. Lots of nice talented individuals throwing around some good ideas and working hard to make things happen.



If you would like to download files of. the flyers and help spread the word follow this link

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Happy Hemp Day brother 🙌 I could go for a burrito before bed 😅 was a long day for me. I’ll have to remember to look into that masscann in the morning.


Nice ...keep in mind The week of The freedom rally, in September is a great time to come to Boston.


Ahh I am not allowed to leave Canada 😉

Happy Hemp Day @grahamsvorten and every smoke.io users 😊 How you going to celebrate it? I'm going to roll a joint 😁👌


I took some time to clean out the bong and then I did a hotbox in the cannabis lab 3000


Cannabis lab 3000 lmao😂😂😂 good one Graham