Yes I LOVE To Grow... No, I Don't Consume As Much As One Would Believe

6 months ago

Let's get this straight... I LOVE to grow. I do consume; although it's not what I do all day, every day. I prefer to be able to give to others who need it more than me.


Whether it's straight up cannabis (buds by the gram), edibles or even tinctures or salves, I LOVE cannabis. I am a person who prefers to give than receive. I like to be the person others come to for their ailment's relief, who enjoys eating my brownies (edibles) or for when they just need a salve to rub on sore muscles. I want to be that person.

If I were to actually count how many times I have consumed cannabis, in any form, I would have to say... hmmm, maybe 200 times in my 51 years of life.

all trim.jpg

When it comes to cannabis, I am more of a visual person; a creative person.

I will take shake, trim and even buds and start thinking of ways to use it. I most like to make edibles, but I have a good stock of tincture (both 80-proof and 151-proof), salves and lotions as well as cannabutter in my freezer. Have you ever had cannabis caramel? If not, you should! I made some a few months back and, if I am in the mood or am having a bad day with an episode, I will grab a spoon and just scoop out some.

I am not much of a smoker, but give me an edible or cannabis infused treat and I will gobble it up so fast! And I will be the first in line to make a new flavored muffin or even make/bake a requested item.

One time someone asked me to make a special batch of corn bread muffins for him. I obliged and the next day he had twelve cannabis infused corn bread muffins delivered.

My consumption of cannabis may not compare to most on this platform, but my appreciation and love for cannabis is great.

When I have customers and patients who receive my package and they let me know how good it was and how much it helped get them through a rough time, I feel accomplished and relief. Knowing I am giving them what they need in a bad moment of their lives, makes me more motivated to continue growing the best possible crop I can.


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Only 200 edibles? 1/week over 4 years?

But you only started growing in 2017, right?


Yes I started growing in 2017... but i have have consumed cannabis in other ways too prior to growing,but it was always what someone else had grown.

As far as the edibles go, I am a sampler of my product; that's usually how I consume them.

Nah, you are the birth giver. Its because of people like you that there is great bud out there. Dont sell yourself short. Life needs balance so polarity is necessary. Im skowly leaning twords eating it myself. I want to make easy gummies. Anything that requires movement just hurts. I rest and do it over again. But slowly Im smoking less eating it more. I find it better for my deep seated pain.

Only 200 times.. I probably do that in 2 weeks lol


Well said