Protecting, Securing & Locking Up Your Cannabis The Legal Way

6 months ago

Without going into too much detail, I had an incident at my home recently that had me on edge. I was worried (not paranoid) about my grow room, tents and plants. I decided at that time to take better control over my garden, room, tents and whatever else I may have in my home.

So... I took into consideration the state law here and what the proper way to have and store cannabis on one's property must be done to be legal. I invested in a new key entry door lock on the grow room and I cleaned out the extra safe-box we had stored away in the spare closet.

In the state I live all cannabis and related items must be kept separate and secure:

qualifying patients are also allowed to possess up to 12 marijuana plants, so long as they are kept in an enclosed, locked facility.

The same website explained even if you grow legally within your home, or property, how you have to take precautions too:

Whether growing medically or recreationally, all cannabis plants must be grown inside locked, secured and enclosed facilities that are not visible to the public

So knowing this, I can grow in my greenhouse come next spring and summer, but not blatantly obvious in the flower and herb gardens I have here on the homestead. So if I plan the clones just right and the seedlings perfectly, I could grow them in my large greenhouse outdoors to see how they will do. But I have to keep in mind, no neighbors should be visually allowed to see them.

I know each state or country has different rules for legal growing and cultivating of cannabis, so make sure you know what your state's marijuana laws and acts clearly state. If you're not, find an attorney's website within your state for answers. I know there are a few I have found in my state that are totally devoted to cannabis related laws, arrests and guidelines; and they have a dedicated page of FAQs on their website with the most popular Q&As. They explain the answers in laymen's terms so it's easy to understand.

While it's obvious that the key entry lock on the grow room is there for the reason of laws and legality, some of you may be thinking... why does she have a safe-box too?

This is usually where I keep my MMMP card (Medical Marihuana card), an attorney's business card and any tips or thank you's from people I have gifted cannabis related items and products too.

Know your laws, Lock it up. Keep it safe. Stay legal.






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