Life Happens...

13 days ago

It wasn't until I opened up my account that I realized it has been two months since I posted here.. and for that I am sorry to all who follow me.

Been In A Funk?

My reasons for not being present are just not good enough for myself.

  • Life happens- I've been super busy in the garden, preserving my harvests and getting things wrapped up for the season before winter hits. We're expecting our first frost this weekend.
  • I stopped growing after my last crop was harvested. I knew I needed a little time to get re-organized and I took it.
  • I've been dealing with some mental health concerns from my auto collision which the one year anniversary of that day was two weeks ago and I have been going to more doctor appointments- have one today matter of fact. I'm tired, depressed and in a funk here. Not even my own medicine is helping me right now. I've been posting on Steemit and Weku- but not every day. Just enough to get by.

But enough of that sadness... let's get updated!

ssk new.jpg

new ssk.jpg

My last crop- Super Skunk Kush

In my newest crop I have two Super Skunk Kush, one Fruit Punch and one White Widow. Watch for a new post with this crop coming tomorrow. PLUS... I'm changing the way I grow! Stop over tomorrow morning to see!


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welcome back, looking forwards to seeing your new grow blogs :)


Indeed, we miss her great contents.

Glad to see you are back, I was starting to get concerned, was about to reach out on discord and was considering driving up to your place to make sure you were okay, if you didn't reach back out. Relieved I don't have to do all that, and when I finally make it up your way it will be for a visit and not a wellness check.

It is needed sometimes to take time for us and heal. Mental health is so important and so many of us don't realize that and we push it off as we live such bust lives now.


Yeah... I never realized how much the auto collision affected me... physically, mentally and emotionally

GOOD to be back!

Welcome back. I'm glad to see regulars are coming back. Jack, Sky and now you.


I just saw sky's post!!! I have missed being here

missed you, glad to see you back

Oh goodie. I always like sharing your stuff on my twitter! you got the coolest ideas with cannabis. Im glad youre poking your head out though youre not feeling the best, Maybe we can help cheer ya up!

Welcome back / Long time passed, happy to see you are active again / Wait for your new grow posts!

Oh look who is back! I've been missing you dear! sorry to hear your news. ... but things will be fine and I know you'll recover.. I know you've been busy, I 'm still following what you were up to in homesteading.. (steemit). Glad to have you around. Cheers and welcome back!

this is fucking great!!!

I hope you work through this process and get a new burst of energy for the changing seasons! Good luck!