Letting My Super Skunk Kush (SSK) Do Its Magic

3 months ago

Since my automobile collision last September, my life has NOT been what it used to be. From having physical therapy appointments two or three days a week for months, having series of tests done looking for nerve damage, numb fingers in my left hand and, let's not forget the burning sensation in my upper back, neck and shoulder area. To say the last ten months have been abnormal is an understatement.

And now to add more insult to more injury, my own auto insurance company (insurance adjuster) has requested I go to see MORE doctors, which they claim to be independent doctors, but after googling the doctors I see they are NOT what they are said to be.


I have already gone to a physical rehab medicine doctor that my primary care doctor referred me to for tests (which were NOT fun) and I am currently in counseling (also referred to by my primary care doctor) for possible PTSD symptoms associated with the auto collision.

Last week I went for an IME (Independent Medical Exam) with a psychiatrist and WHAT A JOKE! The man was arrogant and to put it mildly... a full-fledged A-Hole of the most self-righteous sort. I called him out on his condescending attitude, which I think he didn't care for, because from that moment on he was even more vile and patronizing.

At the end of our chat, I asked him to send me a copy of his report... his response? "I'm not obligated to do that."

Well f*ckhead... I'm sure when my attorney requests it... the obligation will be out the window as it will be demanded of you and my insurance company. Yeah, after the next appointment tomorrow, my attorney is officially filing a lawsuit.

So tomorrow is my next appointment and I am stressing BEYOND the maximum allowed in my life.

Not only do I have the fear of having to have another series of tests to determine nerve damage in my left arm and hand, but this doctor has some quirky reviews too.

PLUS... this is not a local medical facility I have to drive to.

It will take me well over an hour to get there from my rural home. Nothing like taking into consideration of a person who is fearful of driving (even as a passenger) to have to go THAT friggin' far on the freeways LOADED with semi trucks!

Can you say IDIOTS?

So today... just as yesterday, I medicate and calm my anxiety and stress levels.

I will be so glad when my attorney files the lawsuit after tomorrow. I have lived in this nightmare WAY too long.






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