How I Went From Cannabis Opponent To Full Fledged Marijuana Advocate

5 months ago

If you had asked me ten years if I would be an advocate for cannabis, growing cannabis or even consuming cannabis, I would have laughed, rolled my eyes and walked away shaking my head thinking you were off your rocker.

But let me tell you... You would have been right

I've briefly shared some of my cannabis history in a few posts, some comments and in other various ways on the platforms I write on, but I've never given the full run-down on how my opponent thoughts from yester-year changed into a proponent attitude and lifestyle of today.

During my high school years I never smoked pot. Sure I hung around with people who did; including my brother, but I never had the inclination to smoke it myself. At that time, I was more into smoking cigarettes. I've always heard that boys are more likely to smoke pot whereas girls lean towards cigarettes. At least that's how it was in the early 1980's when I was in high school. I can name three dozen girls who smoked cigarettes; and not one guy. And vice-versa when it came to pot. I can name every single daily stoner in my graduating class; and 99.5% were boys. Girls, on occasion did head behind the library across the street from the high school (the library was the known place for stoners, burn-outs and the like at my school). You never wanted your parents to know you were behind the library. Never!

So anyways... on the weekends we'd party have some wine coolers (yeah, who remembers the original wine coolers- Bartles & Jaymes?), some would bring out the little baggie of dirt weed grew in some unknown location, by some burn-out's older brother and toke up the mystery strain. Good times, good times!

At the time I wasn't too fond of the smell, the odor or anything to do with it. But these were my friends and I was still having fun, right?

Let me make it clear, I never had a bad experience with a person who was high. Nor did I ever see someone do something way beyond stupid, or hurt someone else. Smoking pot just wasn't my cup of tea.

Fast Forward From 1984 To 2010

I was with someone who smoked weed on occasion for medical reasons (inflicted with Multiple Sclerosis) and smoking cannabis gave some relief from the symptoms of this debilitating illness and disease.

And guess where this person got their pot from? My brother!
And guess who was the mule? Yuppers! Me!

While I still didn't smoke cannabis, I did see how it provided relief to the person with MS. But that didn't mean I had to like it. He never smoked it in my house (always out in the corn crib or barn- yeah, I lived in farm country then) and he was respectful NOT to consume when my children were around. I could deal with that.

I never really made any demands from the person, except for the two above mentioned issues, and it all worked out well. I could smell it on him at times, but I chose to ignore it. After all, he was an adult. He made his own choices, just don't expose me to the habit. Right?

Fast Forward From 2010 To 2017

Most of know I suffer from my own auto-immune disease; and while I am inflicted with this illness it is not the main, or the first reason, as why I chose to experiment with growing cannabis. Really... it's not.

I remember how the pot gave that other person relief and I knew some people who could benefit from the same relief. My own AID (Auto immune disease) may not be an every day occurrence, but there are days and days that turn into a week of down time for me so after growing for a year, I did try weed for the first time. But that's not what this is all about... let's move on.

I was given a seed. One little seed of an unknown strain; and me being the gardener with a passion, I thought... Why not? Let's see if I can grow this. I planted the little seed; had it mixed in with my other herbs in my kitchen gardening table and labelled it as special. I never said a word to my husband. THAT is... until it germinated and started to grow!

When I first told my husband what I had done, he laughed. Yes.. he laughed. Not the response I was expecting, but at least he didn't get upset. Hard for him to do that considering his years of being the classic stoner from our high school.

After that I was given four more seeds, which I immediately sowed, germinated and grew. I wish I could find the pictures I have from that first inaugural grow- maybe some day I'll find them on my old laptop and share on the platform.

Present Day

I was hooked!

I started going to the hydro-store, reading and researching and learning as much as I could about this miracle medical plant.
I am a cannabis growing addict. Is there a support group for people like me?

I have expanded my grow room. I have become an advocate for everything cannabis. I LOVE growing this weed. I love sharing my stories. I am the ultimate proponent now.

Who would have thought that just a decade ago? Not me, that's for sure.

So... have you always been pro-cannabis? Or did you change over the years as I did?






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I've always been an advocate for legalization, at least since I tried it. I was suspended from school my freshman year for promoting Hemp Fest. Which was a festival that promoted the use of medical Marijuana.

Good story. I may have opposed weed when I was a kid, but, I started smoking when I was 13, so..........

Very much same story here. I would had been opposing cannabis around a year back but now i have changed my mind as i now know the reality.

I always felt Cannabis was for bad boys in the street. There is a huge stigmatization in Nigeria for anyone that smokes weed. So i didn't like seeing my friends smoke it until i had my first hit and i literally didn't get where i was, it seems like i was in heaven and my girlfriend had to help back to my house. It was so bad i saw angels. My first hit was a Nigeria Haze weed with high THC.

After that experience i hated weed entirely, then i stated doing drugs when i got to 300 level in university and i was taking upto 1,500 grams of tramadol a day and when i tried to go cold turkey on it the withdrawal symptoms was so bad i couldn't stop i was bleeding after everytine i go to urinate. My doctor said it seems tramadol have affected my kidney and i need to go for test then after that he started to help me to wean off the meds and he told me it will take six months (my fee was about 222$ then)but after checking up online i saw a lot of addicts using CBD oil and i then decided to buy the oil and buy some weed to smoke at night.

i should have spent 1,332$ on my six month rehabilitation session but i end up spending 100$ for both CBD oil and the cannabis i bought that lasted till i detoxed fully.

What my doctor said it will take 6 month, with cannabis, i used just 1 month two weeks. and have been doing fine ever since.

Have been a pro cannabis after my medical experience with cannabis and have been preaching to everyone about Marijuana and gave me that privilege to talk about my activism without fear for censorship or any BS. If i write some of my story on facebook some anti-cannabis folks will report my post but with i get to post whenever i feel like.

I recently converted my Anti Cannabis lawyer to a user too. Not just him including his brother you can readit.

Have been very passionate about sharing my story every moment i got the chance!

Thank you for coming out green!

Cannabis is my savior (CMS)

I been a pro cannabis supporter since I was 11 and read in a medical journal at the local university's library that marijuana could stop seizures. It pulled me into the rabbit hole. Since then I talk to the older generation about what I have learned and have slowly started changing my dad and mom's generations minds. My mom suffers from seizures and I was trying to help find a cure for her, because I hated that she was suffering.

It is a wonderful story.
I have got a patient, she is a 70 years old amazing human being, she got sclerosis, weed is making her life much more bearable, but talking to her she told me that what she liked best is the fact that since she start treatment with Cannabis now she sits with her daughters and sons to chill, have a spliff and honest conversations, she told me she never had that before, So there you have it , a nice side effect ;-)

My Breast Implants almost killed me. I had every auto immune symptom out there.. so much pain. If it weren't for cannabis Id be dead. I see what those pain pills do to people, so I don't take them. I took my breast implants out and 90 % of my symptom are gone. Now i'm dealing with my abdomen muscle ( the permanent stitch is undone, can't walk fast, breathe). But again I find these symptoms coming back... If our bodies aren't right inside, that's how our bodies respond... anywho didn't mean to get into a rant, but If it wasn't for cannabis, god knows where I'd be. Great post!!!

Fascinating, somehow we share the same story. While i was younger i used to hangout with my cousins that smoked weed, at first i didn't like it, then later on i discovered it makes them happy and makes them buy me things if requested when they are high. I Picked interest a little, later on i started watching videos about its too many benefits then discovered my friends smoked one beautiful night at the club, i smoked my way into being an advocate.

It is blatantly obvious to everyone that you have a massive passion for the weed. I like how you don't just enjoy consuming it, but you love all aspects of the plant. Great story, thanks for sharing, bong on. :-)

Thank you for this post!!!

Im glad to hear that cannabis helped you and that you continue to help others with it now. You are an inspiration.